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I really, really want to like IX. I love the Force Awakens, and I loved the Last Jedi initially. As in, I was blown away when I saw it. But because of all of the controversy around it, because I have been exposed to hundreds of arguments for why it’s supposedly awful, it’s honestly become no longer fun to like it. I legit have a hard time deciding if I think it’s a beautiful movie, a flawed but fun film, or a dumpster fire.
The thing is, obviously the same thing is going to happen to IX. It’s hard to look forward to it, knowing it’s just going to be a long, tiresome controversy. But I really want to.

My english teacher last year had us watch his Ted Talk or something on that. She really liked it for some reason, and wanted us to try it in our writing.

That is exactly how I feel. After watching the movie I had a false sense that it was the best Star Wars movie ever. But after hearing all those arguments for why it’s supposedly a terrible movie It kinda became hard to call it: “One of the best Star Wars movies”
In my opinion, both TFA and TLJ did a fantastic job continuing the saga. Even If people will hate Episode IX even more then TLJ, I can already guarantee that I am going to like it no matter what.

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It’s Star Wars, this will never not be a thing

I think it would be a false impression that Temiri BLagg will even matter in this movie. I mean, how far would Disney go with a child in a movie that is literally centered on war? Anakin did little more than race and fly a spaceship, and Blagg is a slave with little skills we know of besides custodian work and animal raising. I agree a lot with @jayzor17 about this, he existed to take care of some goat giraffes and to show that there is always hope, even if Rey dies.

I think there are a lot more people who liked TLJ than we know. It’s really only the loudest fans who absolutely hate at least parts of it that we can hear. No one remembers flawed movies for the good parts, or at least Last Jedi. Same with the prequels. I, for one, fully like and appreciate all 11 Star Wars movies, and I am all the happier for it. I like some more than others, and will debate commonly, but I stand by my position on the matter. I highly doubt IX can break this.

I think that this goes to show the brilliance of TLJ. Whether or not the movie is bad is your own opinion, but if Johnsen was able to present what he had to show in a way that convinced people it was good… that’s genius. The “tarnishing” of one’s high opinion of movies is a huge problem I have. I hate letting others tell me what’s good and bad in a movie, probably why I have so many unpopular views. Sometimes I’ll admit someone’s right, and sometimes I’ll say whatever I can to protect my own view of the movie. This is also a reason I can’t stand many “How It Should Have Ended” videos. I will never watch the “reviews” of Venom or Infinity War, because I hold those movies high enough (the former more ironically) that I can’t hear anything that could possibly ruin my experience of them. I continuously debate Hyperspace ramming and Sling Ring severing to keep this.

Wow, text blocks are fun.

I just hope IX will be “good enough” for more people than just me. I’ll wait for the trailers to get excited, but I’m ready to see how this galaxy of stories may close.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen them straight hate a movie. They usually enjoy everything they make fun of, or at least that’s the vibe I got.
But yeah, I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said.


Disney needs to reboot and forget this trilogy exists. From the npc subtext to rumors of returning characters like darth vader this trilogy is a desperate political agenda mess.

Not to mention employees attacking people over social media. Fans are done with Star Wars.

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I agree with all of that.

Really? Let’s be honest. This movies were great. TFA was great, and (controversially) TLJ was good. Episode IX will be a success, no matter how angry the fans will get. I can already feel that.[quote=“Khalsa721, post:25, topic:48011”]
Not to mention employees attacking people over social media. Fans are done with Star Wars.

Excuse me… where is this happening?


That’s not going to happen. The two films we’ve gotten so far have been too commercially and critically successful to wipe the slate clean, even if a few (or many) people cry about it on the internet.

Rian Johnson has been somewhat vocal against his critics, and author Chuck Wendig was fired off an unannounced novel and since cancelled comic series over his Twitter behavior. Some of it was politically driven.

I think ticket sales to Star Wars Celebration and the most likely positive box office results for IX would like to say otherwise. That’s a bit hyperbolic.


See what I mean? Those critics are not crazy giving such high scores. They know better than me or you what makes a good movie, and while I don’t agree with the critics all the time either, for the most part, this is their job, their profession.

But at the end of the day, the opinion that matters the most to you is your own.


Sure, even though the trilogy has been in development since 2014.

You forget Kylo’s entire character arc, and who the First Order and the Resistance are to begin with.

What else did he do then? Those were some of his few actual moments. The only other thing he did was try to seduce Rey.

I’m glad hes gone too, but without any backstory or explanation? That was a bad move.

Yes, it is hailed as the beginning of Star Wars’ downwards spiral, although I’d argue it began with Forces of Destiny.

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Stars wars has been struggling with maintaining quality since episode 6, reaching it’s lowest at 1. Though the quality of the movies has risen significantly bsince then.

Which part of my argument are you referring to? Regardless wasn’t it confirmed that there wasn’t an overarching plan.

Took over the first order, and his interactions with Rey.

I’m indifferent, I know they’ll eventually explain it, hopefully without an exposition dump like explaining it in tlj probably would have been.

Wasn’t I originally praising his arc;


Sorry no quotes on mobile. It reads as a response to your reply from top to bottom. Plus, this sjouldnt matter. J. J. said hes retconing most of TLJ anyway.


I’m doing it right now


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We must have different phones.

J. J. said this in several interviews, he wants to ignore as much of the movie as possible, EX. no returning characters, and referencing the movie as little as possible. Also Luke isn’t dead for good.

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Which ones

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Phasma is dead for good, Holdo is dead for good, DJ is gone, and Rose is on thin ice.

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I meant for interviews. As for phasma and holdo, that’s not retconning, that’s holding to continuity

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Eh, they could have come back, characters have done it before. Also, I cant link any interviews at the moment, to busy, but I’m sure your find one if you looked it up.

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Debatable. She seems to survive worse than falling down a pit of fire. Seeing how a powerful swing from a Z-6 riot control baton (sorry) did little more than poke a whole through her armor (didn’t even touch her eye), I think we could see here back with a burned face and scarred ego in the future. I mean, there was a deleted scene where she came back anyways.

I don’t know how JJ said this, but it sounds to me more along the lines of “Don’t expect Ahsoka, Ezra, Holdo, Tallie, Ackbar (sniffle)…,” but seeing as how Lando is in it, that won’t be true.

And would Phasma technically be returning if she wasn’t dead in the first place…? :thinking:

And DJ not returning would be worse than nearly any move made in TLJ, excluding the fate of everyone’s favorite Mon Calamari admiral (unless you liked Raddus).