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Ah yes. Forget all of the massive problens the movie has. A few dudes payed by Disney said it’s cool, so I guess that the fact that the entire fanbase points to the same problem is invalid now.

And that got beloved in the modern day.

Which ironically is one of the best.


Even then, we are talkung about a few thousands verses

At this point, I hope this movie tanks the trilogy and drags the OT down with it, just in hopes that people will finally accept the Prequels as the master trilogy.

Nah, I hope to like this movie. I love Poe and BB-8, and I’ve wanted Lando’s return since TFA was announced. And, hey, it’s not like they can kill Ackbar for a second time.


after what people said about the new Movies, I hope this one is good

and not be judged for liking it


Dunno, felt like he was one of the most hated characters from TLJ.

No. Poe is one of the only characters that “survived” TLJ without getting killed.
He was the same, he was just in the “WTH am I the only one thinking logically” posture for the whole movie.
Aside of a few things at the end, Poe left TLJ still in one piece, which can’t be said about almost every other character.




I have high hopes for IX and I personally like IIX. Although I am completely blinded by my enjoyment of the praetorian guard fight scene.

I honestly much prefer the second poster in that lineup.


As for the movie, I have hope for it, but I won’t be too surprised if Disney hecks it up

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It’s one of the reasons why people hated the last jedi; Johnson completely ignored all the setup in the force awakens (hence murdering the trilogy) and now JJ is ignoring TLJ in general. The best thing they could do is cancel this movie and reboot the entire trilogy now. Say what you want about transformers and other series but at least those movies kept a semi continuous story in their movies.


but… the we haven’t seen the Moive yet and we don’t know if it’s good or not

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I’m not saying anything about that. I mean rian johnson knowingly made the sequel ignoring the first movie. TFA was fine but now they already ruined the trilogy becuase the middle movie has next to nothing to do with the original plot. Think Transformers rotf; it wasn’t amazing but at least it continued 1 plot.

I think the problem with TLJ is less that it doesn’t continue TFA’s plot, but that its attempt to continue it goes nowhere. The movie takes place over the course of 18 hours, meaning that very little actually happens in it, and character development is basically brought to a standstill. By the end of the film, everyone is back at square one. Important characters have died (namely Han, Snoke, and Luke), but their deaths have no lasting impact, because everyone ends up in the exact same place they started out in going into this film. JJ Abrams recently said that TLJ “didn’t derail the story” of TFA, and he’s right, because TLJ didn’t add anything to that story that could have changed it…

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Uh, last I checked he said otherwise, could you please cite this change of heart?

Maybe he isn’t ignoring it but like toa heatwave said it added nothing. The middle is supposed to have the big reveal and go deeper into the plot before the third and final movie wraps everything up; you can skip the last jedi and nothing changes about the story to effect the final battle in the last movie.

Imagine the original trilogy; would return of the jedi have been near as good if George did the same as Johnson? No; we needed the middle movie to really set up characters and personal growth in ep 6. Rian Johnson killed this trilogy simply because there was no important reveal to lead into RIS.

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Except Luke is dead, kylo is losing his grip on sanity now incharge of the first order, Poe is now a leader. The resistance is in tatters, Fin is now actually dedicated to the resistance, the stage is quite a bit different than in tfa.

It’s still a losing, desperate battle. The new characters aren’t developed enough to care about slight changes. There was no “I am your you father” reveal to lead into the personal conflict in this movie. Also do I need to repeat why I and many others don’t want palpatine back? Even the poster just screams “looks amazing; story not so much.”

Also the way Luke died was pathetic. How amazing would it have been had Luke shown up himself on not hoth to fight instead of some stupid intergalactic Skype call? Even if he had still died at least he would have shown up himself to apologize and all that; the fight would have been more impressive if not more emotionally powerful.

So he could be shot dead by several at-ats? He wouldn’t have survived in person, nor was it the point. The image that appeared wasn’t Luke skywy, but the legend of him to inspire others accross the Galaxy

Because Luke Skywalker, greatest Jedi ever, definetely would not be able to protect himself.

Against nearly a dozen rapid fire mobile artillery? If he did that’d be so unrealistic that’d it break immersion.