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Pong krell was massive and could easily hold a doublely thick handle, Rey cannot.
It serves as a hand gaurd that’s a lot more practical then ren’s, as it doesn’t need a broken crystal, or has two beams of jetting plasma next to your hand

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If I see a single Duros in RoS (I hate that it has the same initials as Revenge of the Sith), I’m calling him Shriv.

Hold up… Now that I think about it, what if RoS and RotS is intentional? I mean, think about it; this is the third movie in a fairly hated trilogy featuring an incredibly powerful Jedi who lived on a desert planet with no father, had to work an unconvential occupation, dreamed of traveling to space yet had something holding them back, have insane skills with piloting, understand droidspeak, were partially corrupted by the Dark Side, and now have the chance of becoming a villain.

What if these similarities aren’t lazy writing or signs of relationships? What if, instead, this trilogy, specifically Rey, was not even parallel to Luke, but instead Anakin?

Regardless, “We just don’t know.”

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I don’t like that lightsaber design
At least Krell’s is only functional in one position.
But both folded and straightened out?

I just…
Plus, darth rey? really disney? you want to forsake two movies and just undo all that was done?

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It’s just a lightsaber. I have no expectations on how it or the concept of “Dark Rey” will be used in the film so I don’t see the point in getting upset over it.

Not even going to give this movie a chance anymore. I was holding out hope but no more.

Take the emperor down properly? Are you kidding me disney? Bringing him back is one thing but Are you seriously going to completely discredit arguably one of best villain sacrifices ever?

Well I guess Anakin can join join tony stark since now both their sacrifices mean nothing.

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I genuinely, unironically hope this movie is bad.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully support everything they’ve tried to do with these movies.

It’s just so much more enjoyable when everyone can dunk on the movie, the merchandise going on clearance, the media trying to twist the narrative, everything.

I don’t care for video essays about these movies, but everything else about them is wonderful.

Bring on more Rose Tiko action figures please.


On Clearance? You spelled plummet wrong.

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I’m very curious to see how the market will handle this new wave of toys, and the upcoming next trilogy’s as well. I still have TLJ merch shelf warming at my local stores.


I mean, how much did Brie Larson talk up her character before none of it actually happened

That is very frustrating. Hopefully it’ll all be different in the film.

Excuse me?

I don’t care if it’s good or bad, as long as the audience can agree. Last Jedi, despite how much I love it, has kind of died for me because of how much bashing I’ve had to endure for it.At least the Prequels were worth enduring for.

My friend compared it to a switchblade…

I like that they’re going with a saberstaff like her actual weapon, but I still really want to see the double blade used for something other than to look really unnecessary.

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Something to note about dark Rey. It could have been mentioned already but, what if it’s like the cave on dagobah that Luke went in. Or maybe Rey will turn evil and Kylo has to kill her for whatever reason and the first order wins. That’d be a plot twist.

This is what I fear…


The main reason I doubt Darth Rey’s existence has to do with what she means for little girls across the world. She’s an image of a hero, to inspire them. If she turns bad…

I just fear Disney’s far too political to actually let Abrams go through with this.

Spider-Mans not coming back to the mcu. Tony sacrificing himself because he knew spiderman would be around means nothing.

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Oh, we’re discussing meta…

I suppose he did still kill Thanos, so that was kind of important.

Honestly, if Disney does this, I’m done with the main saga and moving to strictly Clone Wars and Anthology films. They are my favorites anyways.

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So, you will be disappointed if it turns out actually good?

pleasantly surprised

well I hope it’s good, after all the Negativity I’m hearing right now

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I agree pretty heavily with this. My thing is that dark Rey might be kind of a lame plot twist.

The issue with my dagobah cave theory is why would they design a new light saber just for a 5-10 minute scene. Also knights of wren please.

Yeah sure; “accidentally.”
Man I love how desperately they’re trying to get people to see this train wreck.

man I love how irrationally you hate a film that isn’t even out yet


How can it be a train wreck if the train hasn’t even left the assembly line yet? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Also, I’m much angrier at this so-called “article’s” closing statement:

They’re acting an out-of-nowhere heel-face-turn for one of the most influential characters in one of the largest media franchises in history is logical in the first place.


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