Star Wars: Stranded on Zoma V - Sign Ups (OPEN)/OOC Chat

A similar, but more specific question as wild_toa. Would something like a Clone Blaze Trooper be too special while a Clone Flame Trooper is more acceptable or would both be considered too much?


Hmmm… I guess I’ll have to start preparing an entry for this RP…


Want to join, but I’m not sure what I want to make


Blaze trooper, no, Flame trooper, sure.

Well, whatever you choose, I’m sure it’ll be neat.


CT Number: CT-15-0663

Nickname: Bravebird

Appearance: Bravebird’s Clone Pilot helmet features a large, blue falcon-like marking over the visor, with Republic crests on the sides. The rest of his armor is rather simple, sporting standard Midnight Company markings. However, he has a sheath for a knife on his left boot, and a holster on the right boot.

Physically, Bravebird is bald, with a similar falcon tattoo on his forehead.

Specialty/abilities: Bravebird is a LAAT/i pilot, who has also undergone advanced survival training for the likely event of getting shot down (which will come in handy, I guess…).

Weapons/equipment: Bravebird is armed rather lightly, only carrying a DC-17 blaster pistol and a vibroknife. He also has four extra ammo cartridges in the pouches in his belt.

Personality/weaknesses: Bravebird is usually rather level-headed, and completely focused on the task at hand. He also cares deeply for his brothers, whose lives usually depend on his skills as a pilot. However, Bravebird lacks the skills of a soldier, as he usually never leaves the cockpit of his gunship during the battle.

Previous Experiences: Bravebird was originally a gunship pilot for the famous 501st Legion, taking part in such events as the Battle of Christophsis and the One-Day War on Orto Plutonia.

His last mission with the 501st was the Second Battle of Geonosis, where his gunship was one of many to be shot down. However, against all odds, Bravebird was able to glide his gunship to the ground, saving the lives of the men onboard, though he suffered serious injuries from the landing.

He was decorated for his heroism under fire for what he did that day, though he wouldn’t see action again for several months after the battle, due to his injuries.

After recovering, Bravebird requested advanced survival training, for the possible event being shot down over hostile airspace again.

Bravebird later served as a gunship pilot for multiple forces, including 41st Elite Corps and, most recently, Midnight Company


Everything looks good, though what exactly does his survival training skills entail? Would this be preparing him to survive stranded on a planet for a few days, or a few moths?

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Probably a few days. Just enough to survive until a rescue team can be deployed.

It would probably also include training on making some sort of homing beacon from what he can salvage.


Alrighty then, Bravebird is accepted!


CT Number: CT-8604

Nickname: Known as “Buoy” due to his frequencies of landing in bodies of water. The first time this happened, he had to be rescued and was found using his helmet as a makeshift floating device. Some suggest he should go full SCUBA Trooper, but he won’t have it.

Appearance: Has a modified variant of the paratrooper armor set, missing the kama due to hindrance in water. His “beehive” helmet is slightly altered to include the Phase 1 helmet fin and built-in converter to easily attach a breather device on the mouth area. Seems to go with the Buoy joke, as the helmet is almost solid navy blue, only interrupted by a few white strips like a life ring buoy. Otherwise has the typical coloring patterns.

Out side of his armor, he’s pretty typical for a clone. Short buzz cut, black hair, keeps a clean face.

Specialty/Abilities: Paratrooper, trained for airborne combat and high-altitude drops. Light training/knowledge of marine operations, due to volunteering for a couple boarding missions when they were short on other troopers. Mostly in how to handle zero-g and usage of rocket launchers, aside from typical boarding procedures.

Weapons/Equipment: Standard issue DC-15A blaster carbine and two V-1 thermal detonators. Has an ammo pouch on his left pauldron and a belt across the torso with extra storage containers for small items and some ammo, including his rebreather helmet attachment.

Personality/Weaknesses: Convinced that the universe, the Force, whatever you want to call it, has it out for him. Specifically, it wants so desperately to drown him. Hates the water more than fears it, but not so far as to be upset by jokes about it. Prefers to be falling, finds it to be quite a rush. Though needs to remind himself that he’s not a Jedi and could break some bones trying to pull their stunts while landing. Quiet in action, chatty outside (especially if bored), often giving a lot of facts about how one can die (usually drowning). Though sometimes he’ll talk about the stuff he’s read on how to torture droids.


This guy seems like a fun one. Accepted.


Alright folks, quick update. Right now, I’m just waiting to see if @Traykar and @GoodGuy2006 sign up, after that I should be posting the RP topic soon!


it’ll be in very soon, just neatening some things up


CT Number: CT-1915

Nickname: Boomstick

Appearance: Forearms, pectoral plating, shoulders, and knee pads are all painted in company colors, along with a stripe down his (Phase I) helmet. Said helmet also seems to have what looks like burn marks. Always wears a strap of V-1 thermal detonators across his chest and dons the traditional clone haircut.

Specialty/Abilities: Well versed in most forms of incendiaries and how they function. A decent enough shot, he also has experience with some heavy weapons. Very precise when throwing.

Weapons/Equipment: RPS-6 rocket launcher, more V-1 thermal detonators than are worth counting, DC-15A carbine, and a set of basic tools carried in a brown pouch.

Personality/Weaknesses: Boomstick is a funny man who loves explosions. While normally quite nice, he does occasionally say some quite strange things, said things usually seeming to amuse him. He’s quite the strategist, but usually doesn’t make use of the skill beyond being able to place bombs in highly precise positions; good at have them do exactly what he wants, be it take out an entire squad of droids, or level a building in seconds.

He has a surprising disregard for life. Though of course he would never let harm come to his company, he wouldn’t be the type to save a life purely out of the kindness of his heart.

Backstory/Previous Experiences: Originally a member of the 84th A.R.U., or the Anti-Remnant Unit. The sole purpose of this unit was to embark on missions that took out people that should have been taken out by previous troops, but remained alive for one reason or another. They became known for two things: their efficiency, and their recklessness. When the A.R.U. became involved, more people were likely to die than needed. After many a year of successful assassinations, an incident occurred in which only Boomstick survived, the details of which are unknown to anyone but the very few he told. After this, he was transferred to the newly formed Midnight Company, where he promptly confused them by refusing to give a good answer to why he still wears a Phase I helmet.


You guys can start without me

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dear god the rockets in this are certainly going to be a thing, arent they?

also, @GoodGuy2006, a suggestion if your open to it: since your character focuses heavily on grenades and mines, perhaps he should have a Clone Moartar instead of a rocket launcher, as Star Wars dosent seem to differentiate mortar shells from regular grenades.


Presumably they supply will be limited and we’ll likely be encouraged to minimize the amount of explosives we use so as to avoid drawing attention to ourselves.

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I was asked to limit to one or two rockets, which I absolutely agree with. outside of the crash zone, we would want to keep hidden, but, well…

a downed venator kinda gives away your position…


I’m gonna say you only get 3 rockets, and lets say 6 detonators. Sound good?

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So I’m considering joining since any rp activity that isn’t transformers has possible interest to me, but the more I’ve been trying to sit down and write out a clone profile, the more I end up forcing myself to do it. I have next to no star wars lore knowledge to know what type of blaster or armor does what or et cetera; it’s just not a fandom that’s ever really appealed to me.

And as evidenced by my other RP characters, I approach RPing more as writing exercises to flex my skill as an author, and less to shoot battle droids to pieces. Would you consider a exception to the rule in the form of a droid of some sort? No game-breaking battle capabilities, just enough mobility to not get killed or fall behind. I have no idea what out there in the star wars universe would qualify for that.


he won’t like that, but i’m fine with it

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