Star Wars: Stranded on Zoma V - Sign Ups (OPEN)/OOC Chat

In this RP you will all be playing as various clone survivors of Midnight Company, a newly formed team tasked with a dangerous mission in a dangerous jungle.

STRANDED! The Clone Wars rage on, and Jedi Master Viego Norr and his padawan Tesz Nel’Sha set out on a mission in the outer rim to scout and destroy a key Separatist comms station on the remote jungle planet of Zoma V. On the Venator class star destroyer, the Harbinger, the newly formed Clone Midnight Company, sets out alongside their new Jedi general and his apprentice. Disaster strikes when an unexpected barrage of anti-air turbolaser fire sent the flagship barreling toward down toward the surface. From the wreckage will rise a lucky few, with an insurmountable task ahead. With no way home, and equipped with only their wits and and what they can scavenge, the survivors of the crash must fight their way through dense jungle toward the Separatist outpost in order to complete their mission, and call for rescue!

So, I’ve been wanting to run this RP for a while now, so I finally decided to dive in. This is my first time GMing here, so you might need to bare with me a little while I figure out the ropes :slight_smile: . I don’t have a hard limit as to how many people can sign up, but if it starts getting crowded I may cap it off. And try to stick with one character per person. I’m planning on this lil’ adventure being fairly short and fairly linear, so don’t go in to this expecting a sprawling, galaxy wide, open world adventure. Picture it more as a tropey, four episode Clone Wars arch, cause that was definitely the vibe I was going for. One more note, while I’ll try to keep to SW cannon to an extent, I’m not going to bother getting hung up on every little detail, especially if it gets in the way of a fun time. So without further ado, let’s get the rules out of the way (but read carefully, they’re kinda important).


#1 You’ll be playing as a standard clone. Not an arc-trooper, or a clone commando, or Jek-14’s cousin. Just a regular, fairly low ranking clone, a brother in arms. Be fun and creative with making your character, but don’t go over board and end up overshadowing others in an attempt to steal the spotlight with your unaltered, force sensitive, super clone personally trained by Jango Fett.

#2 You don’t have infinite supplies, and that includes ammo. I won’t be keeping track of every shot or anything, just keep in mind that conserving ammo is important in a situation like this, and there may come a time when you run out if you aren’t careful. Plus, being creative in solutions to problems never hurt anybody (much).

#3 Your character is mortal. They can die, and while I won’t be trying to eliminate players maliciously, if you don’t play smartly or carefully, the squad may get thinner.

#4 No auto-hitting, meta-gaming, bunnying, etc. If you have questions as to what these are, either PM me, or consult the texts of the all knowing Ghid: We Can’t Expect Godmodding To Do All The Work

#5 I’m the GM, I have the final word. If you have a problem with something you think I’m doing poorly, an idea you want to pitch, or just a suggestion to make, feel free to let me know, but ultimately, if I come to a final verdict on something, it’s final.

#6 Be respectful to other players and have fun!

Background Info

Zoma V:
Little is known about the jungle planet of Zoma V (please don’t go looking it up on Wookiepedia :P), except for it’s cruel weather, mysterious and dangerous wildlife, and the presence of a Separatist communications and radar station somewhere on the surface (which apparently has an anti-air turbolaser).

Viego Norr:
Level headed and pragmatic, General Viego Norr is a graying, square jawed, human Jedi Master who formidably wields a blue lightsaber and wears thick, dark brown robes and a pair of fingerless clone bracers. He appears fairly unemotional to those around him, often laser focussed on the task at hand, though he is noticeably protective of his padawan, Tesz.

Tesz Nel’Sha:
Nervous yet earnest, Tesz is a lanky Zabrak girl fast approaching her knighthood, yet feeling unprepared for her trial. She wears slim rust colored robes, with tan wraps up her forearms and shins. She capably yet cautiously wields a green lightsaber, and boasts a strong connection to the force, even if her confidence in her abilities does waver at times. While leery at first, she fiercely protects those she comes to trust. (I may get around to making full blown character sheets for these two)

Midnight Company:
A newly formed company of clones pulled together for the mission, Midnight Company is under the command of the demanding Captain Duke. With this being the first time many of these men are serving together, skepticism and wariness may prove a difficult hurtle, especially between Jedi and clone.

Sign up sheet:

CT Number: This one should be pretty self-explanatory.

Nickname: What do your brothers in arms call you? Why do they call you that?

Appearance: Both how your clone’s armor looks, as well as any physical traits that stand out. Standard Midnight Company paint jobs are white and dark navy blue, and currently clones are outfitted with phase 2 armor.

Specialty/Abilities: Are you the sniper, heavy, or maybe the engineer of the group? Try to keep in mind what other character’s have been made, and try to fill a need where you see one. A squad would be sunk with three gunners and no medics!

Weapons/Equipment: This can be both any gear your clone was issued with, as well as anything they managed to scavenge, though you won’t be starting with the scavenged gear right away, you will get it soon. Be reasonable with this, you won’t be able to haul away a whole AT-TE.

Personality/Weaknesses: What makes your clone tick, and what ticks them off?

Backstory/Previous Experiences: Is this your clone’s first rodeo, or have they seen squamates come and go over the corse of the war.

Phew, that was a lot, but I think we’re done. If you have any questions or concerns, or want to run character ideas by me, feel free to shoot me a PM, and thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


CT Number: CT-749

Nickname: Quips

Appearance: Pair of Horizontal lines running across chest and two lines crossing over visor where right eye would peer through. Left arm and legs from the knees down painted in company colors. Stripe running down the length of the right arm. Wears Phase 1 chest piece due to increased durability. Wears hair in standard buzzcut. Small scar above right eyebrow.

Specialty/abilities: Squad sniper and reconnaissance. Marksmanship training. Espionage/infiltration training. Standard hand-to-hand combat knowledge. Basic blaster modification knowledge.

Weapons/equipment: DC-15x sniper rifle modified to allow barrel to collapse for purpose of short range combat. DC-17 hand blaster as back up weapon. Drab cloak for easy camouflage in jungle environment and to reduce chance of light reflecting off armor. Standard issue communicator and emp grenades.

Personality/weaknesses: Not one to allow difficulties or bad news get to him, to the point of sometimes coming off as overly optimistic. Penchant for sarcasm(though to be fair this is kind of standard for Star Wars characters) and dry humor deployed as most typical means of communication when outside of battle. Has a much greater fascination with Jedi/the force then is typical for clones, resulting in feelings of admiration/envy towards the force sensitive. Gets along well with children. Has some attachment issues due to loss of previous squad. Considers green to be an unlucky color. Despises Droidekas(or anything which uses deflector shields really) and field rations.

Backstory: Quips first saw ground combat during the second Battle of Geonosis, where he served as a scout under the 41st Elite Corp. His squad would be ambushed by Droid forces, including a detachment of Droideka, who wiped out the bulk of the squad before being saved by Jedi Master Luminara Unduli, who demonstrated an impressive show of force(no pun intended) to save the remaining clones. Quips would be folded into another squadron within the 41st along with the remaining three members of his old squad for the duration of the battle. The squad would be part of a detachment of the 41st sent to serve as reinforcements to the 187th Legion, who had been suffering heavy losses on Dantooine. It was during this conflict that Quips would witness the remainder of his original squad mates become casualties, only to once again find himself saved by a Jedi; General Mace Windu, who reports indicate had managed to wipe out an entire Droid battalion on his own. When Midnight squad was formed, Quips would volunteer his services to the new squad, having become disillusioned with his old colors.


Everything here looks good!


don’t know much about star wars but thinking about joining; how many shots can a standard blaster use before needing a refill?


For the longer ranged rifle, it would have 50 charged shots, or 500 less powerful shots, for the smaller blaster carbine it would 300 standard shots. So ammo won’t be super scarce, just don’t always resort to spray and pray.


Darn right I’ll join this.

I’ll try and get a signup written up soonish.

should I stick purely to canon or can I draw a bit from legends?


Kinda depends on what it is you have in mind, though I’d rather stick to cannon. But you could try, and I’ll let you know if it needs changing.


Well, here’s the leader of the pack.

CT Number: CT-2893

Nickname: Captain “Duke”, he just thought the name sounded cool.

Appearance: A thick dark blue stripe runs down each arm and shin, with a solid dark blue diamond framing his visor. He wears a standard captain’s pauldron and kama. He keeps his hair cut short, and has a hearing aid device in his left ear to help with an old injury he took during the second battle of Geonosis.

Specialty/Abilities: A competent tactician, and a fair shot, Duke has been leading clones for almost all of his career in the Grand Army of the Republic.

Weapons/Equipment: Duke carries two DC-17 hand blasters at all times, and picked up a bandoleer of satchel charges, and a medpack. He also has a helmet mounted flashlight and shot range comms device.

Personality/Weaknesses: Duke seems a man born to lead. Not in the sense that he inspires greatness in those under him, but more the fact that it’d be hard for anyone who knew him well to picture him speaking without barking orders of some kind. With an unfaltering personality, Duke often comes across impatient and stubborn. He is a strong believer in a rigid command structure, and has little tolerance for incompetence.

Backstory/Previous Experiences: Up until now, Duke has been a sergeant for most of the war, getting shifted from one battalion to another, and was called in to lead Midnight Company because of his average, but dependable record; one he doesn’t mean to tarnish now.


Im just going to say that Im interested, and Ill get a character prepped this week. Just wondering, is there any discouraged roles/loadouts (aside from taking the same specialty role as someone else)?
one more question: you said we’re playing as “standard, fairly low ranking clones” would this include AT-RT drivers and starfighter pilots or strictly rank-and-file infantry? (AT-RT driver came to mind as an idea, and it’d kinda be neat to play a clone who is missing his mount, and could have insecurities or be distracted during any combat that may come up because of this)


oh yeah, what size are the grenades commonly available to clones?

also just watched a one hour video on the corruption of the republic into the empire and it taught me a bit about clones
i can never look at them the same with some of what i learned


Nope. As long as it makes some sense, and doesn’t seem too op, go for it.

Yeah, pilots and the like are definitely fair game, I just want to avoid stuff like arc troopers. And that AT-RT character idea was exactly the kind of character ideas I pictured for this RP.

As far as hades go, the most common one for clones would be these puppies. V-1 thermal detonator | Wookieepedia | Fandom

Glad to hear you’re doing your research, lol.


aight, Ill probably develop that concept further. would I be able to stick with an old phase I AT-RT rider/ARF helmet, would I (kinda doubt it, but I far prefer their appearance to the phase II ones)

also, I wouldnt happen to be able to scavenge an AT-RT, would I?


assuming those are about baseball size (i’m not playing battlefront), those will do just fine. be expecting a lot of them.


I’m conflicted between field medic and heavy munitions :man_shrugging:

How much freedom do I have with backstory?


Sure. You could even work it into the story, and just say your clone always preferred the older kind, and didn’t want to make the switch.

Yeah, I wouldn’t count on that, lol.

Oh boy, this’ll be fun.

Either would work, though don’t feel like you have to pick medic just cause there isn’t a medic already in the squad. As for backstory, you can definitely include one, seeing as Midnight Company was cobbled together from a bunch squad-less of clones they had lying around, but try to keep it within reason. Feel free to talk about some past action your clone had, or a specific event that made them who they are today. You can just right up the general idea of it and pm me if you’d like. And as far as cannon goes, I’m going with the cannon presented by Clone Wars when it comes to the clones.


You could also have your character do what Rex did, modify the phase 1 helmet with components of the phase 2 helmet.


Also, by the time Phase 2 armor was introduced, the clones were being encouraged by the Jedi to customize their armor to a limited degree so as to foster a greater sense of individuality among the clones.
Excuse me I have to make a small addendum regarding my characters armor.


CT Number: CT-5467

Nickname: CT-5467, though known as “Surgeon” in training, did not earn his true nickname until his first campaign. During the conflict, he fell into a crater amidst several explosions. The fall ended up saving his life, but he emerged from the pit covered in grey soot, earning him the name Graphite.

Appearance: Graphite has more coloration on his armor than standard infantry, with fully colored in shoulders, vambraces, and greaves, as well as a set of four dark-navy triangles on his chest and part of his abdomen, which together form a larger triangle. His helmet is similarly adorned, the top hemisphere being fully inked in, along with the four triangles in white. These triangles are those of his previous battalion. On his left bicep is a dark grey stripe wrapping around his entire arm.

Graphite’s face is relatively unremarkable, though on his cheeks are two tattoos, both in grey - on his right is the Midnight Company insignia, which seems to be quite new, and on his left is the same four-triangle symbol. Across the back of his shoulders are an array of mostly-healed burn marks.

Specialty/Abilities: Graphite was trained as a field medic. After deployment, he successfully completed two campaigns with a company known as Dust Battalion. His membership of the diversely skilled group has taught him secondary knowledge, including basic (and purely conceptual) understanding of ballistics, heavy munitions, and, perhaps most useful of all, battle tactics and strategy. Since his rehabilitation on Kamino, much of this second-hand knowledge has been lost, but some of it does remain periphery.

Weapons/Equipment: In addition to standard First Aid gear, Graphite was issued with a DC-15A blaster carbine, a weapon he discarded for a salvaged rifle of the same line, whose targeting systems he has paired with his heads-up display. Additionally, he picked up pair of DC-17 blaster pistols to counteract the former weapons’ unwieldy nature in close range. Despite having only liminal training and no practical experience in melee combat, he did also pick up a vibro-knife, given the shortage of resources. He intends to fasten the knife to his rifle as a bayonet. He also carries standard infantry gear, such as a comms device, ascension cable, and flashlight attachment for his weapons.

Personality/Weaknesses: Purely as a personality trait, Graphite often behaves in a realistically dour and practically pessimistic way, though he is rarely bitter. He is never one to start a fight, but also not one to back down from one. In the correct circumstances, he possesses an acute sense of humor and wit. On the flipside, a combination of two grueling and brutal planetary campaigns, his an occupation as a field medic, and his natural practicality, he is realistic to a fault, even in the counting of lives. In tense situations, his overwhelming sense of pragmatism can lead to him seeming cold-hearted and dismissive. Graphite hates to feel helpless, avoiding it at all costs.


CT-2904, “Legacy”, known for utilizing older, proven models instead of jumping to the newest gear right away. Instead of moving to phase II armor with most other clones, he kept his heavily modified phase I ARF armor and scratched “deluxe phase II armor” into the forearm

Legacy’s armor is heavily modified Phase I ARF/AT-RT rider armor, featuring cut up thigh armor and missing lower torso/waist armor, though he kept the standard equipment belt. The right forearm features the words “deluxe phase II armor”, carved during the transition to phase II for most troops. As for paint, Legacy features a logo of some sort on his shoulders, as well as a larger, modified version on the top of his helmet. The sides of his visor features several small stripes representing major charges he has taken part in.
Legacy has a lightly grown beard, an old tattoo of a lightning bolt on the back of his neck, and the GAR standard haircut.
(Ill eventually draw the decorations on his armor, so I didnt explain the logo and stripes too much)

Mechanized cavalry charges against enemy defenses, simple recon missions, proficient with carbines and ordinance launchers (like an RPS-6 or RPC-2)

DC-15A carbine, RPS-6 rocket launcher, basic survival kit, simple repair kit for AT-RTs, ascension cables.
Salvaged Gear: Helmet-mounted flashlights

Legacy is proud of his skills, and looks down upon standard infantry. He is incredibly familiar with mounted combat, and slightly lags behind foot soldier combat standards. Legacy sticks to the chain of command and follows orders from superior officers, however he ranks himself and other riders above foot infantry, even though this is not the case. In Legacy’s mind, there are only three kinds of “real soldiers”, ‘Runners’ (foot soldiers), ‘Riders’ (AT-RT drivers, speeder bike riders, ect), and ‘Flyers’ (pilots). He doesent count navy officers or tank operators as “real fighters”, instead saying they just push buttons and let targeting computers do their work.

Backstory/Previous Experiences:
CT-2904 originally served under Commander Ponds during the liberation of Ryloth, and was a part of lightning squadron. He would go on to perform many more offensive missions, until being transferred to General Krell’s unit for a short time, where he worked more closely with standard infantry and took part in the battle of Umbara, until he was transferred one final time to Midnight Company, where he repainted his armor and formed bonds with fellow AT-RT riders and rivalries with some of the other branches of ground forces.


These guys both look great! Graphite and Legacy are both accepted.

Also @Brickbot99 , I added a Backstory/Previous Experiences: section the the sign up sheet, so feel free to fill that out if you want, but don’t feel like you have to.