Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

“This machine… this hive mind it’s connected to, killed my family” Chimm said

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“The Separatists killed my clan, my world.” Ygdras growled, trying to keep his emotions in check, “We need to first escape this world then we can decide what to do, okay?”

“I can’t… I’m trying…” Chimm said as the shaking calmed slightly. Without Kay’s hold, the pilot would get up and recognize the kids as jedi. It’d draw its blaster on the Jedi and would fire at Kay @meepinater

Ygdras rushed the clone (to try and take the hit for Kay) and tried to use the Force to augment his strength and knock out the trooper.

As Ygdras rushed the clone, the blaster bolt struck Kay in the arm, and the impact sent her back a couple of feet into a wall, where she cried out in pain. She clutched the wound on her arm, standing up shakily.

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IC: Chimm would snap out of his trance to Kay shouting, and the clone unconscious “I… did I do that?”

“You broke Kay’s focus and the Clone woke up.” Ygdras said, “He’s unconscious but we need to help Kay.”

He walks to Kay and brings out an onboard medical kit to help treat her wound.

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“I-I’m so sorry… I never thought that-that that was in me” Chimm said shakily contemplating what just happened

“We all have a Light Side and a Dark Side, the trick is to acknowledge the dark and cling to the Light.” Ygdras said, applying disinfectant to Kay’s wound.

Chimm would sit by himself to meditate, trying to reach out to survivors. He would sense a few including Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Jocasta Nu- wait, just Yoda and Obi-Wan now… another Jedi gone… “Master Jocasta Nu is dead…”

Ygdras finished wrapping a bandage around Kay’s arm, making sure it was wrapped tight enough to help keep it covered but not so much that it would cut off circulation in her arm. “Now, we should probably get going.” Ygdras said, “Anyone have any thoughts of where to go or are we just gonna make a blind jump and hope for the best?”

Chimm reached out to try to find master Yoda “I think… he’s on dagobah… I can’t tell for sure”

“Dago-what?” Ygdras said, completely unfamiliar with that system

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“I’ll have to look at charts, I’ve only heard of it. There’s some kind of dark side cave there,”

“Better make it quick.” Ygdras said, “Once we’re clear, we jump.”

“And we should probably hide our course by making multiple jumps.” He pointed out.

“I’ll go calculate the course” Chimm said heading to the cockpit area

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“I’ll keep an eye on the Clone.” Ygdras said.

In his mind he was torn between killing the Clone, forcibly taking what information they needed from his mind or trying to save him from whatever influence made him and his brothers to betray the Jedi.

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“You broke Kay’s focus and the Clone woke up.” Ygdras said, “He’s unconscious but we need to help Kay.”

He walks to Kay and brings out an onboard medical kit to help treat her wound.
After Ygdras finished treating the wound, Kay stood up. She glanced at Ygdras, watching over the clone, and Chimm, flying the ship.
Turning, she silently walked into a deeper part of the ship, where she found a dark corner and huddled down, trying to process everything that had happened.

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She would sense Ygdras was trying to keep his own grief in check. Specifically, a resurfacing grief for his people that were massacred on Dathomir by the Separatists brought back to the surface by this Purge of the Jedi by the clones. “Things are going to change a lot, we’ll need to adapt and remain in hiding until it’s safe.” He muttered to himself as he watched the clone for signs of him waking up. She would also sense the conflict in him of if he should kill the clone, try to save him or forcibly try to extract any information he can from his mind or some combination of them.

Kay sighed, her shoulders slumping.
Everything she had ever known had been shattered in less than a few days. Her friends, no… her family, were almost all dead, save for Ygdras and Chimm. How could the Jedi Council have let this happen?