Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

Chimm locked the door behind the group as the group ran out of the command bridge. ‘What happened?’ He thought to himself. ‘The clones are supposed to be our friends!’. The group reached a storage closet they could hide in and meet to discuss what to do.

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IC: Han and Bower followed him. The 12-years old Padawan seems to be a little scared, if not panicked, while the tall Abyssin seemed to be rather angry, and ready to fight.

Ygdras said nothing but looked like he wasn’t focused on chiming in; more on trying to not panic.

He felt pain from anger, grief and fear at what he had seen: their own closest allies betrayed them and killed their Jedi Master.

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Suddenly, Bower growled something in his foreign language.
“Me Bower-Wohl say we go there and destroy them! They kill tit-shi!” he yelled, punching the wall strongly enough to make a whole in it.

“Did anyone grab a weapon on the way out?” Ygdras asked, fiddling with his knife.

Han shook his head. Bower growled.

Kaduna cowered in the corner.
“Why would they do this?” She whispered fearfully.

“No, all the weapons out there belong to clones at the moment. We need to get to the armory. There’ll be blasters and maybe some vibroblades and electrostaffs there”

“Okay, how about our distance from Illum?” He asked, trying not to lose it.

“Or maybe an idea of why we were betrayed by our own clone troopers?” Ygdras’s tone showed he was starting to get angry.

“Yes, but none of us knows how to use blasters!” Han protested.
Bower scoffed. “Why blasters? We attack now!”

“Oh, brilliant!” Ygdras said, “let’s all just run at the clones and then get shot down.” He was being sarcastic.

Bower crunched forward towards him, growling ferociously.

Ygdras began clenching his fist, the sound of crumpling metal was heard nearby as a bin was getting crushed.

Right when it was obvious that Bower would attack, Han forced between the two.
“Very smart, you two! Out own clones are trying to kill us, and you are trying to kill each other!”

Outside the closet the group could hear clones “Did you hear that?” one said. “Yeah. Sounds like the younglings,” another replied. Footsteps could be heard moving towards the door.

Ygdras drew his knife and crouched to attack, already planning how to stop the clones when they opened the door.

His hearts raced as the adrenaline flowed through his veins, set off by fear for his own life and grief at the loss of Master Kadiro.

Bower hit his left hand with his right fist. A loud sound of broken bones could be heard coming from inside his fist, as his only eye frowned.

Ygdras watched the door anxiously, ready to leap out at whatever opened it.


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Kaiden remained quiet up until the sound of the troopers drawing near. He clenched his fists and prepared himself physically and mentally for what was about to happen. His mind was racing, there were so many questions, and even now he the whole group of younglings was on borrowed time. “Everyone stay calm and wait for them to come to us.” He whispered. The other younglings wouldn’t be able to see his worried expression under his mask, but in his mind, that was probably for the best.

Bid was picking on a kid when he heard the commotion
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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away

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