Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

OOC: the group is already hiding in a closet together at this point. Sorry to have controlled all the characters but we’ll all be free to govern our own actions after this post

The troopers opened the door and Chimm pushed both of them into the wall across the corridor, buying his team time to take their own action.

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Kaiden didn’t take his time charging one of the troopers, attempting to elbow him in the stomach with one arm, while simultaneously trying to pry the weapon away with his other free hand.

The trooper kicked him away and attempted to shoot him, meanwhile Chimm had disarmed the other and pushed the blaster in the direction of his group.

Chimm took out the trooper’s legs with his walking stick and was attempting to kill the trooper with the stick but was ineffective.

Kaiden regained his sense in the nick of time, and dashed forward and to the left to dodge the blaster bolt while simultaneously force pushing the troopers head back against the wall in an attempt to knock them out.

OOC: One trooper is on the ground already

OOC Is one of the troopers still up?

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Ygdras leaps out to try and drive his knife into the neck of the trooper that Chimm was trying to fight.

OOC Ok, then what I did just applies to the other trooper.

Chimm extended his hand to shake Ygdras’s hand. “Thanks for the help,”

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Kay followed her friends out of the closet, not sure what was going on at all. She was thoroughly frightened and on the verge of a breakdown.

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IC: @meepinater Chimm walked over to Kay. “Hey, I know this is scary, but we’re going to all have to focus to make it through this,” he moved closer to the center of the group. “Let’s head to the armory. If any of you can use a blaster, take those,” he said pointing to the clones’ weapons.


@meepinater Kaiden drew his staff, passing by the blasters without even bothering to look at them. “There’s no time for panicking,” He said in regards to Kay before turning his attention back at Chimm. “Though Chimm’s right, we should try to get to the armory first.”

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Kay took a deep breath and nodded.

Ygdras shook the Togruta’s hand, his had a small bit of blood from the clone, “Sorry; it was them or us.” He said as he took the blasters and ammo, putting the safety on one of them before placing it in his pack with the ammo and putting the other one on his belt after quickly checking it over.

“I like the idea of raiding the armory but we also need a way off this death trap and to Illum.” Ygdras said before looking at his hand and shuddering slightly at the blood.

He was in a spell of rage at the time, most unbecoming of a Jedi Youngling. He shook his head and wiped the blood off with his dark brown cloak, making a mental note to wash it later.

Kaiden nodded back at her in an attempt to try and comfort her somewhat, but it probably wouldn’t help at all. He then looked back at Ygdras, taking a note of the fact that he killed an unarmed opponent, but he couldn’t worry about that now.

Kay followed the group. She rearranged her med kits in her pack.
“Anybody hurt?” She asked the group.

“Well other than the obvious, no” Chimm said referring to his leg.

“Does psychological injury count?” Ygdras asked, being serious about that question.

He offers to help Chimm walk more steadily by supporting him.