Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This was basically the same thing for the DC movies that got released this year except it was the other way around


yeah, personally I hated all the DC movies this year

but I can be okay with people liking them because you know, whatever, their opinion


Or they just think critic are just liking it because the film is “politically correct” or “progressive”. Same thing happened to Ghostbusters 2016.

Noe can we please stop bringing Flo into these movies. /s


that’s so stupid I think it just killed some of my braincells

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I take your argument and reply with the ending of this: specifically 15:56 and onward

I don’t agree with the problems this “TFA is Worthless” guy has. [quote=“Middlefingerstudios, post:587, topic:16716”]
" …guess what, some people have different opinions, and that opinion is the majority, suck it up and stop crying"

Thank you.


Of course there was; it’s practically impossible to make a live-action film without them. The issue lies in the amount of unrealistic CG in the movies. This is usually hyperbolized to become “the entire movie is computer-generated”.

The difference between the prequels and TFA is that the latter actually has a sensible story and good characters, something one through three really, REALLY lacks.


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I liked the movie, but my biggest issue with it is Kylo Ren takes his helmet off. it would have given much more mystery like Darth Vader had, plus it would have been a lot cooler when Han solo asked kylo to take his helmet off and said some thing like “your son is dead old man” and doesn’t take off his helmet,but i don’t make movies so what would i know.


i agree with all of this

I agree, but movie companies think that audiences are dumb and so make sure that every name on the poster has their actual face in the movie. Also, they can sell two action figures now. Kylo Ren (with helmet) and Kylo Ren (unmasked). $11.99 each.

I highly doubt that’s the reason

Stormtrooper action figures have always been faceless and they sell like hotcakes, same goes for Phasma, she did very little in the movie and never removed her helmet yet the figure sells

the reason he took off the helmet is it’s a humanization thing to differentiate Kylo from Darth Vader, whereas Vader was cold, calculated and always had his helmet on for health reasons, Kylo is angry, emotional and unstable, is a bit of a religious nut and has a helmet to emulate the one he worships


Oh, yeah, I forgot about that useless character.

Fair point.

I also think captain phasma should have had a bigger role in the movie, like being Kylo’s right hand man, er- I mean women, I only hope she’s still alive and will be better in episode 8. I also wish that death star planet wasn’t blown up, we only got introduced to that massive weapon, aaaand it gets blown up in around 20 to 30mins, if they had kept that around, it would have given more power to the first order, and see how the resistance deal with that giant weapon through the squeal trilogy.

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Phasma should have taken the place of TR-8R. It would make sense and make her threatning.

yea but then we wouldn’t have had that great name!

I’d sacrifice that over Phasma becoming a better character.


yea, I think every one would, I am really annoyed she was in no major battles, or any battles.

Phasma will almost certainly have a larger role in the next two movies. I personally don’t mind her lack of involvement in TFA much.


She did make the most of that 91 seconds she was on screen, though.


Not me.

Memes are far more important then “characters”…