Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Ever wanted to be a self insert who rips his way through the perioud inbetween the prequel and original trilogies as Darth Vader's apprentice while using OP attacks, with a spice of not-quite character action game? Fear not! TFU series of games, original and the 2nd, put you in the boots of bootleg skywalker Galen Marek, some kid Vader picks up with alot of force prowess while invading Kashyyyk, who in the time span after and months before episode 4, Galen Marek is sent off to hunt Jedi with a motley crew of a cute blond imperial pilot and Galen's best friend, a murderous droid who can take any form and is programmed to kill him but is his servant. Now then...

I got the original for Ps2 and the second for wii. Ah, fun broken and somewhat boring experiences

let's discuss the EU content, enemies, levels, etc


Oh geez, my friends used to have this game on wii. I swear that game doubled as a workout program
I wish it had multiplayer though. If dragon ball budokai tenkaichi 3 has taught me anything, it's that when OP fights OP...
things get much more fun

I absolutely abused the Maelstrom ability

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this game

was pretty awesome, I feel the second one is way too short though


I feel like the stormtrooper variants, and general troop variance here is nice. The Force Sensitive Royal Guard was cool, so was the mandolorian guy

I read the TFU II novel a while back and enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I couldn't even make it past the second level (Cato Nemoidia) in The Force Unleashed II. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah, the weird city. So how about the first game?

Ah yes, the story of an outrageously OP dude who ultimately had no story relevance at all. I'm personally glad that it has been de-canonized, since the whole game was a bit absurd.

.....PROXY was cool, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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before Rebels and the EU reset, Marek actually had one thing going for him:

He was basically supposed to be used to gather the rebel factions so the empire could crush em, but then it led to mistakes and thus the creation of the rebellion

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I have the Ultimate Sith Edition. For some reason my PC can only run it at like 10 FPS. I haven't ventured past the first level :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the PS2 AND DS versions of the first game.

They were both terrible.

I played both games and I like both games, but I like them each for differing reasons:
TFU1: average/nearly broken gameplay, great story.
TFU2: amazing gameplay that made you feel like an OP Jedi made the game fun and rewarding, but the story fell short of my expectations in that it had no substance to it.


I wonder how a third game would be, Vader escaping and all or the dark clone having fun

I had the PS2 version, and once I had a PS3, I got the PS3 version and the sequel. The sequel was the first big video game letdown i experienced, and I'd have to argue that the original on the PS2 was better than the PS3.

First, The cutscenes actually changed to show your character in the outfit&saber color of your choice, the force dash feels faster and smoother, and I like how they cleverly masked the two different endings. Correct me if I'm wrong, but on the PS3 version you just get a "Press L1 for the Light Side or R1 for the Dark Side." With the PS2 version, you choose with actual gameplay. You see Vader and the Emperor standing at different sides of the room, and whichever one you attack first decides your ending.

Although I do wish that you had the power to choose and replay levels out of order, instead of going into new game plus and playing that unbearably slow tutorial level. And I must admit, I did overuse and abuse the VERGENCE code for unlimited force powers.

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I've only played the Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 Demo on Xbox 360. Which admittedly was a lot of fun. I hope to get the original The Force Unleashed and The Force Unleashed 2 soon cause they look like tons of fun.

Edited Title. I added a column!

Yeah, this was a pretty pretty great game, which also doubled as a workout session! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Purchased both games a couple months ago and beat the second recently

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