Star Wars: The High Republic

I know that there’s already a topic for Star Wars in general, but this new, upcoming launch of media set 200 years before Phantom Menace (Star Wars: The High Republic | seems specific enough to warrant its own.

Feel free to speculate, theorize, and comment on all things High Republic here.

Personally, I’m fairly hyped. I love the new designs for the Jedi robes, the amount of alien Jedi, and the idea of a Star Wars story that’s a combination of the King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table mythos with classic, Texas-ranger Westerns. It seems very on-brand for the franchise as a whole.

And, of course, a ‘great disaster’ sounds a lot like a ‘great cataclysm’, and with one of the big villains being a sentient plant species, it’s hard not make Metru Nui parallels.

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I’m cautiously optimistic. The Disney-era spinoff material has generally felt both at home in the universe and exploring it from different angles (I think mostly thanks to it’s writers). At worse it’s been underwhelming (Rebels).

I just hope you can get a solid experience from the books, and the other mediums fill-in the blanks.

I didn’t know that we were this close to it coming out - thought it was still just distant concepts. Looks pretty cool, though it being comic books (?) probably decreases the chances that I actually get into it.

I’m cautiously interested in it, I’m sick and tired of the OT era or anything resembling it (i.e. the sequels), so changing to a setting that’s closer to the prequel/Old Republic aesthetic is welcome in my book.

But given the current state of Lucasfilm… yeah I wouldn’t expect anything groundbreaking. It’ll be pretty mediocre methinks.