Star Wars: The Last Jedi

With the current cultural climate having a character named ackbar suicide ramming a ship would most likely not end well for Disney


Oooooh ok. Didn’t think about that

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Doesn’t mean the guy who was voted “Mr. Star Wars” or whatever on Wookiepedia deserved a meaningless death in the background.

Wow. That totally never occurred to me–now I’m EXTRA glad they didn’t go that way.

Besides, if you’re going to replace Holdo in that scene with anyone, it has to be Leia.


I liked Last Jedi, but I wouldn’t be too disappointed if Disney stops making “saga” movies and sticks to anthology movies like Rogue One and Solo. They were the best Star Wars video content Disney has made so far, in my opinion.

The quality of the Last Jedi is highly debatable. You could argue that it’s a horrible movie, but from a critics point of view, it’s a master piece. So, I don’t think they should really do what you said.

So, crazy idea, but hear me out, just because you don’t like this movie doesn’t mean it’s bad.

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The opposite can also be true.


I can’t make factual statements about the quality of movies and music in my house because my sister will get mad at me for not saying it’s my opinion (even though she does the exact same thing except hers are actually opinions lol) and if my sisters mad at anyone my parents are too, so I have to careful saying that a movie was bad rather than that I disliked it lol

At first I liked it but now I’ve grown hard to it. Though I won’t go into it since this is unpopular opinions, so I’ll just give an unpopular opinion:
I think there’s hope for Rey as a character.

Me too. I initially liked it, but as time when on switched sides.
Now I really dislike it.

I mean, if they stop with all the political mumbo jumbo and actually focus on her character in a way in which it actually finishes her “arc”, she might end up pretty decent.

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Yeah, I think rey has some hope.

I just want to know if the Knights of Ren are the Knights of Revan thousands of years in the future.

must resist urge

at this point any opinion about The Last Jedi is unpopular. you have just as many people on both sides, and they’re both just as vocal


What about those like me who are on the fence lol. I really liked TLJ when I first saw it, and I now think it is just boring. Not that bad, but not that great either. (Spoilers for TLJ for some reason) Snoke’s death had me on the edge of my seat, especially with the throne room fight , but Kylo and Rey’s talk afterward just had me confused, which is not what any movie should have the audience feel.

To move on from the TLJ hate that is the very internet, let’s talk about Solo. Oh boy Solo.
What a movie. I loved it so so much, and I’m sure the other 2 people in my theater did too. As a huge Clone Wars fan, I loved the subtle and not-so-subtle nods to it, especially the Pyke Syndicate. What really made it stand out to me was how much it felt like the original Han Solo books from Legends. Again, what a movie.


######Hi, I’m a rare creature that has actually never had an issue with Rey.


oh yeah, that’s an unpopular opinion: I agree with PN99 here


I never had a problem either other than the HUGE disappointment about her parents.


I wasn’t honestly that disappointed. I kind of find it dumb when characters who come out of nowhere just so happen to have some kind of relationship with everyone we already know. While the reveal could have been better, I am perfectly fine that Rey’s parents are nobodies. Maybe we’ll even get to meet them and learn about who they are? Perhaps they could secretly be in the Mandalorian?


Yeah the fact that they were nobodies didn’t bother me that much, but I would have liked them to be somewhat significant, like some new Jedi (or Sith) that we had never heard of or something. Though i do like the mandalorian idea.