Star Wars: The Old Republic [Discussion] [Hypothetical Series] [Legends]

I remember hearing about a hypothetical Star Wars Netflix series (or TV series, in general), and I stumbled across a comment on a YouTube video suggesting a focus on the Old Republic. While I cannot find the original comment, I know similar comments have been posted on other videos, and they all have the same core structure. The structure goes like this (per season, each season listed below is named after the central conflict or figures, depending on what’s more known):

Great Hyperspace War (Naga Sadow)
Freedon Nadd: More focus on his legacy rather than the individual himself.
Great Sith War (Nomi Sunrider, Exar Kun, Ulic Qel-Droma)
Mandalorian Wars (Revan, Malak, Mandalore the Ultimate)
Jedi Civil War/KOTOR (Darth Revan, Darth Malak)
Dark Wars/KOTOR 2 (Meetra Surik, Sith Triumvirate)
The Old Republic MMO
New Sith Wars (Lord Hoth, Lord Kaan)
Rule of Two (Darth Bane)

How would the Star Wars community react to a project like this? Would it be a good or bad idea? What would its strengths and weaknesses be? What could be added or removed to help it flow better?

Full disclosure: I’m in favor of this idea. Also, I will edit the list above whenever there are suggestions for improvement, within reason.

the mando wars are probably going to be the trilogy directed and written by the game of thrones dudes


If that’s true, I hope they can pull it off well.

That would be awesome

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oh they totally could especially since (the true) mandalore is very game of thrones like.

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I’m not just questioning the quality (which I can agree with you on); I mean the structuring of the project. Whether or not they can pull it off in a trilogy, or if they would need a different structure. Remember that Game of Thrones is not a trilogy of movies; it is a carefully-constructed series of eight seasons that explores dozens of characters and ties them all together in one massive web of intrigue.

Well it sure isn’t going to be on Netflix.

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I meant more of the format and less of the actual service; Netflix is the first thing that popped into my head when writing this down.

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