Star Wars: The Old Republic: Makeb

A while ago I had a conversation with @RAKRONDEWL about an old model I built for Lego ideas more than two years ago, which I never publishes, because they made a rule, that Star Wars related entrys aren’t allowed anymore.
But I still have all those old renders on my PC and I decided to upload them here.
I am a huge fan of Star Wars and especially the old Republic era (KOTOR and SWTOR) and I wanted to build a set, that represented the most important things about the SWTOR Expansion “Rise of the Hutt Cartell”

Warning: I would do a lot about this set different today, especially the Minifigure prints, but I didn’t change anything from my original model, I only rendered one new image

The set contains a Makeb-styled house, a energy bridge, a fountain and an Isotope-5 Droid


The Isotope-5 Droid:



Katha Niar

Lord Cytharat

Lemda Avesta

Shalim Avesta

Regulator Captain

Regulator Trooper

I hope you enjoy this old build of mine, and pleas tell me what you think about it



Those faces…

Yeah those faces are weird


The Isotope-5 Droid Looks great, maybe a little big but still great.
I have my critiques on the building but overall this is a great design.

Any plans to revisit the build?

Thanks for your commen!
I do not really plan to revisit it, I’m more focused on new projects

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Looks cool. I really like the droid design.


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