Star Wars: The Old Republic

So, anyone play SWTOR?
Discuss it!
Also, anyone else pre-order The Shadow of Revan?


I played it for a bit, but it lost my interest. I might come back to it eventually.

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We need a series like clone wars or rebels for the old republic era

I don’t think they would do that though, as Disney wants close to no relationship with The Old Republic, as it is very non-Disney like.

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Well then disney should have left star wars alone (how is it non disney)

SWTOR is very…
Violent, to Disney’s standard.
I very much agree with you, Disney shouldn’t have touched Star Wars, but they want money, and Star Wars practically prints the stuff.

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I’ll just leave now.

I wish I had gotten into it earlier. Shadow of Revan might sway me to actually trying it, but… probably not.

(Revan is one of my favorite ‘grays’)

SWTOR is the best MMO I’ve played. Sadly, I can’t play it anymore. :frowning:

May I ask why?

I used to play. I still have access to my account, but I might need to create a new character.

I think it’s understandable what Disney did, it’s like bionicle 2015, they don’t want to make people go back and read/play 50+ novels, comics and games for the full story.
I mean George Lucas made some very bad decisions with the writing
“From my point of view the Jedi are evil”

Answering the topic, I did preorder shadow of Revan too


Dangit this topic died already.

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Not yet pal.


i used to play this game all the time! however, i dont play it anymore. maybe i should get back into it. after all, my acount is waiting…

I was going to play, for free. For some reason the game just doesn’t like my computer. I have a decent machine but it always lagged and I had to try and download the thing multiple times due to download corruption errors.

Yeah, the launcher’s always been buggy. The graphics were also very iffy, so you had to have a powerhouse of a machine to run it smoothly.


This may just be my PC, but I always see ads for the Shadow of Revan expansion on the TTV Message Boards.

Hated the “free to play” restrictions. Also the grinding is awful, but the story was great (to bad it wasnt for a Single player title).


I mainly started playing this game due to being a huge fan of the first KotOR, I leveled a Bounty Hunter as my first character and the story was loads of fun. Been meaning to get around to playing Shadow of Revan.