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It's not the only reason


Then what other reasons? JarJar is the only reason I can think of. Other then that it's a great movie.

One thing episode IX should really do is give us a proper Lightsaber duel. Episode IX wasn't the classic Sith Vs Jedi duel, but if they do a duel like the Naboo one in Episode IX, I will love that movie no matter what.

It certainly gets more hate than it really deserves. And there are some really interesting ideas in it. I recommend watching this video for a fun (and thought provoking insight) into the meta-story of TPM:

Also, CinemaWins' video on the film points out a lot of the redeeming aspects of the film.

I'll probably be doing a video analysis of the film at some point. There's so much really cool design-work that went into TPM to flesh out the world and to establish some connective tissue with the Original Trilogy we all know and love. Aliens, locations, vehicle designs, even cinematography; Lucas' weaknesses as a scriptwriter are really counterbalanced by his skill at visual storytelling.


I personally really liked Phantom Menace. "Back in my day," before I had seen II and III, it was my favorite movie of the four. And I also thought Jar Jar was hilarious, so that helped a lot.

Sure, but it can be frustrating when a very powerful character showed up without any elude to him existing before Ben's turn to the dark side. It may not be necessary, and may not ruin the movie for me, but I'd really like to know something. Think of Infinity War, but change Gamora's story so that she never met Thanos, Thanos had no post credit scenes, no mention, no appearance in Guardians 1, the planet Stark's group went to was not Titan and had no story, and Thanos never had an epic monologue. He just shows up, gives you a faint idea of what he wants, acts all big and powerful, and then is cut in half by Corvus Glaive.

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Personally, i don't get the people who complain about the fans who wanted Snoke to have some sort of backstory or something to explain him. True, the emperor had no backstory... but unlike Snoke, he actually didn't have any connections or hints to his past. He was never hinted to be responsible for the Clone Wars, the fall of the Jedi, Anakin's fall to the dark side or any of that, he was just the emperor of the Empire.

Snoke on the other hand has a couple of hints that ties him with the events that lead to the Sequel Trilogy, which we never learn about.

Wanna know what would be a good way to tell us more about Snoke? Have Luke tell Rey about what happened that lead to Ben's fall to the dark side. It's not Snoke's backstory, but he plays an important role in it.

Could even take great use of the infamous scene of Luke contemplating on killing Ben in his sleep and have Leia learn about it and question what Luke was thinking for contemplating something like that. This could then lead to Luke questioning if he really is fit to lead and bring the Jedi back to the galaxy and then has him go on a journey which leads him to Ahch-To.

Now when it comes to Snoke, the best backstory i can think of would just to have him be a random, force sensitive being from the Unknown Region that Ben meet. He has a different view of the Force compared to the old Sith and Jedi teachings and Ben could just find his ideas interesting. I think that would at least be a more interesting take on Snoke, that and i think it would be better if he was a Cult like leader for the First Order instead of just another evil emperor figure.



Phantom menace is only ok.


Young Anakin is probably the best part of Phantom Menace IMO. I loved his character!

Phantom Menace (and the whole prequel trilogy as a whole) all flirt with interesting concepts and ideas, but never really deliver on those ideas. Or if they do, it's in a sloppy and unsatisfactory manner.
Biggest example is Sheev bamboozling everyone into creating the empire and the fall of the Jedi. It's all very interesting and cool on paper, but in practice feels more like everyone is an idiot and Sheev is the only smart one amongst them.
They all also suffer from Lucas's trademark poor directing.
"How should I progress in this scene?"
"More intense. Go faster."
"Okay, what else?"
"Go faster."


It was generally not a great movie. There were big names, but other than them most of the acting was bad. It had, in my opinion, too many overlapping story arcs. And most of the CGI is dated (not a reason to dislike it but something to add to the cons stack)


Out of curiosity, what about TPM's acting would you say is "bad"?

A lot of people have issue with some of Jake Lloyd's acting. I think he's fine for the most part, but there are a couple of times where it's very wooden.

His better moments outshine his occasional woodenness to me. The "It's working!!!" when the podracer is up and running for the first time is one of my favorite parts of the film. He's also fairly believable as a cocky kid whenever he and Sebulba are conversing together. The one right before the race where they speak in Huttese to each other is a standout to me.

Some of the other actors (specifically Natalie Portman) are also criticized for some more wooden like performances. In some cases I give it a pass, since certain characters are supposed to appear more stoic. Padme for example is a 14 year old trying to be Queen, while also disguising herself as her own handmaiden. Her more board or wooden line deliveries are a kid trying to act grown up. It works in the context of the story. Attack of the Clones I give a little less leeway. She shouldn't sound so formal when starting up a romance.


I think it’s mostly young anakin but ewan was still pretty inexperienced

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He is probably the reason I love this movie so much

They suck equally, including ROTS that sucks too

While Attack of the Clones and ROTS are probably my least favorite Star Wars movies, I won’t say they suck. I know a lot of people who say ROTS is their 2nd favourite Star Wars movie. The reason I personally don’t like it very much is because it’s way to dark for me, but I still don’t think that makes it a bad movie.
With Phantom Menace, if you don’t care about Jar Jar than there is no reason to hate it.

RotS is actually my second favorite.

My favorite is RO.

All of my favorite movies are depressing, a stark contrast to my typically optimistic nature.

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They do suck, they fail as movies

  1. Anakin is the most annoying kid ever
  2. Anakin is a total creep
  3. Anakin is the galaxy’s most gullible jedi


  1. Obi Wan is the most boring jedi
  2. Obi Wan is the most boring jedi
  3. Obi Wan is meh


  1. Padmé is the most boring queen
  2. Padmé is an idiot for falling in love with a creep
  3. Padmé has the most bland dialogue


  1. Maul is the most forgettable antagonist, all he does is look cool but he is barely in the movie
  2. Dooku is also barely AOTC, the main antagonist comes in at the end, beats Anakin and Obi-Wan, loses to Yoda and runs away
  3. Sheev’s the biggest meme in any of these movies, with lines like “I am the senate” “It’s treason then” and my favourite “Do it”

The Jedi are all lazy buffoons and the most they do is fight in Geonosis, or get killed by sith, themselves and clones

So the characters are boring,

How about the movies?

  1. Goes on forever
  2. Too much senate stuff
  3. Too much overdone action

Everyone hates Jar Jar so it’s pointless bringing him up

Then why he is the reason I like Phantom Menace?

  1. Obi Wan is the most boring jedi

And ironically he is one of my favourite SW characters[quote=“TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika, post:824, topic:651”]

  1. Padmé is the most boring queen

As a queen yes, as a character no.[quote=“TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika, post:824, topic:651”]
2. Padmé is an idiot for falling in love with a creep

I kinda agree with this

Yet a lot of people think he is one of the best Siths

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And also one of the most loved characters of the entire saga.

Hey, you don’t decide where love takes you!

Blatantly untrue. Anyone will recognize Maul, though maybe not the name.

This fits more in the “Pro’s” section.

Watch Clone Wars.

Watch Clone Wars.

Less so than the OT characters, in my opinion.

Sigh… If only people saw Jar-Jar with the love I do.


I love Clone Wars, it’s one of the few good things to come out of the prequels and I’m sorry but people remember Maul because of Clone Wars not because of TPM

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