StarSiege: Tribes Series

So, many of you are either too young to remember this series or were simply never introduced to it due to its very niche role in gaming, but the Tribes series, starting with StarSiege: Tribes and ending most recently with Tribes: Ascend is easily the best multiplayer shooter series I’ve ever played (and with surprisingly good lore, too). Nowadays the community for Tribes: Ascend is pretty empty, but I wanted to know if there was anyone on the boards who had even heard of this series, or enjoyed playing Tribes: Ascend before it effectively died.

I actually played Tribes: Ascend with my brother a year or two back, pretty fun series. Though when Smite came out everyone just about migrated to MOBAS.

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Yeah, Hi-Rez has recently come back to Tribes, but it’s kinda “Too little too late,” which is a shame because the recent changes are really good.

what’s changed?

Lots of balance changes, and the removal of the class system. It plays a lot more like Tribes 2 now.

Edit: The servers are… full now. Like, every time I get on the whole first page of servers are full. I knew there were still people that cared about the game but I never expected to see such a massive resurgence like this.

So, quick update on Tribes: Ascend.

The game has a very small community left, and with no official support from Hi-Rez hackers are more common than they used to be (though server owners are usually pretty good at kicking them out when they see them). The game is no longer searchable on Steam, however…

You can still look up Tribes: Ascend’s Steam page on a search engine, and the servers are still running. I played a few matches the other day, and the day after, and they were just about full matches. There’s a prime time when people get on somewhere between 1200 and 1600 HST, and if you really liked Tribes, know that the game isn’t dead, at least not entirely. You can still play it, it just takes a little diligence.

We can pray that Hi-Rez will make another Tribes game, but until then, I hope to see you in the Wilderzone!