Starwars: episode 99 the revamp of Grievous

This revamp of grievous will be taken apart for spare pieces after I post this, So PLEASE do not ask for more pictures, I’ll give you a lot of them since Im taking apart this guy.

(I know one of his sabers is yellow, I couldnt find the other blue lightsaber piece anywhere) Grievous, General of the Largest Droid Army in The Galaxy

Wanna know how tall this guy is? Well hes pretty tall

Grievous without his cape

A pose without his cape

A blurry picture but you can still see him, I hope

Can your grievous move like this? (I know its a bit dark my phone is a piece of garbage at taking pictures)

A random pose

People, Prepare your eye sockets for grievous… WITHOUT ARMOUR!

Now can you see how many armour pieces this guy used? Because from here, When I have already seen comments about this guy hes gonna be torn apart into spare pieces

RIP Grivous. He was huge, and he was really heavy.


When the upper arms are uncloaked, they look a little messy, but it looks really cool otherwise.


Yeah when not covered i have no clue whats happening i that back… but with the cape it looks amazing

Could not handle without armor, eye sockets lost

I’ve got to say, this is one of my new favorite revamps. As others have said, he looks a bit messy without the cape, but with it… he’s gorgeous.

Neato :ok_hand:

Burrito :ok_hand:

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This a pretty good revamp, which considering the original set, is greatly needed.

Definitely pretty solid. Legs are the highlight.

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Them legs fam