Statue from the Barraki promo

This the statue that was was destroyed in the promotional video for the Barraki.

It can wear most G1 Masks and has a stud connection on the arm.

Without the mask:

Better picture of the front connection:

Top connection:

Pictures with different masks:


That’s neat. I love models made off of little things from the deep lore, or the ads.


Haven’t seen this thing before. Great job!

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Love the idea of this!

That being said, I can’t help but feel like it’s a bit small.

It looks like it towers over Mahri-toran. Statues of gods or dieties in theistic cultures tend to be imposing and larger-than-life in order to evoke feelings of awe and veneration in worshipers. Would you consider trying to do a version 2?


That could mean that the head would look even smaller compared to the body, if the mask wearing feature is still present.

That looks really cool!

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