Stealth Iron Man Suit Light up Moc

A new moc of mine. It took a few days to build, but it looks really nice compared to the time it took. The head could look better, though. It has LED’s inside and the wires are hid easily well enough to not be too noticeable.

Lights lit up. The clear tube must be slightly yellowed and thus the green hue.

The back view. This is where you can see most of the wires I need to rework them once it arrives back from the convention circuit.

Thanks so much for taking time to look at this!



This is so well built, I actually didn’t think it was made of Lego when I first saw it. My only issue is that the feet seem a bit small. Enough to look off, but not enough to be completely noticeable.

It’s kind of like how he had that battery hooked up to him in Iron Man 3. It’s great.

This looks really nice. Despite the somewhat bland colourscheme, I do like the overall shaping of it. Has a nice flow to it.

@Yveran Thanks for the comment! That is one thing that could definitely be fixed.

@Invader He looks fine either way. Thanks for commenting!

@AdamusTheFirst Well, you don’t want to be noticed during a stealth mission. Thanks! Shaping is usually what I build for. It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with it.

this is amazing but it looks really bulky

Fantastic work with the shaping. The Kraakhan on the back looks a little strange, but everything else is solid.

The arms are too stubby or the legs are too long… I can’t tell.

Couldn’t tell this was an Iron Man Suit if you just show the moc itself.
The light give this moc alot of flair. :flashlight:

Looks FANTASTIC! Well done!

@Moonlight_Catfish I agree that it is a bit bulky for a stealth suit. It almost looks like War Machine.

@Stoax I agree with that point as well. Everything else I tried just didn’t look right. One of the things that need to be fixed on this

@Toa_Watau I think it’s the arms. Nice eye for catching that. They’ll be fixed eventually.

It’s being sent off tomorrow, and I can’t change anything without redoing the wiring, and that takes forever.

@Square A proper Iron Man face would of helped a lot. I couldn’t figure it out though

@ThatchMac Thanks!

I like the light up feature, but i didnt really get an Iron Man vibe from this. Feel this is primarily due to the head. You may even have better luck customising the Iron Man head.

Dang this is prob gonna be my fav moc of the month, its really cool, especially how the moc lights up, pretty innovative.

@Scarilian That is definitely one of the defining features of Iron Man. I would rather make a custom head than customize the ultra build Iron Man head. I don’t have that set, so I couldn’t do that anyway.

@Tobin-Bartram Thank you! The lights aren’t too difficult to do, but you need to know how to use a soldering iron, which takes patience and practice. Lights in LEGO aren’t common yet, but they can add so much to a moc.

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