Steampunk Tahu's Decals (Update: Now Taking Commisions)

I’ve always loved making Decals, so here’s my collection. Feel free to use these

Update: I’ve decided to take commissions. Please, comment anything you’d like down below.)

Wolf Venom (A custom Marvel character.)

Wolf Venom’s Back Decal

The Superior Spiderman’s back decal.

Superior Spiderman’s Torso

A grey hoodie for a book character

Spiderman Noir (With left over template legs)

Spider Wolf’s bootleg Superior Spiderman Torso

Laura Kinney’s outfit from Logan

Logan’s Torso

An Oni soldier from Halo

A torso from Kira, if you remember her from my Star Wars poster

Some Destiny fan torsos

Ivan a (Robin parody figure)

Kira again

Fatman (A batman parody figure)

So feel free to use these or tell me what you think.


Why does “Spider-Wolf” look like Agent Venom? Oh wait, cause Agent Venom looks amazing, duh!


I can’t remember the last time I saw thoroughly good decals. Great job

EDIT: Can we get a traditional spidey? I know there’re a lot out there but not better that these


I based my design off of Agent Venom because he had the best Venom suite.

@EmperorDuckie Thanks a lot. I’ve spent a good long time on the newest ones.

EDIT: I guess I could try, which suit are you thinking of? Comics, Maguire, Garfield, Holland, 1966?

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Behold, Spiderman

Normal Spiderman

Spiderman (Dark Blue)

Spiderman (Dark Red)

Spider Man (Dark Red and Blue)

Spider Man (Special Spiderman 3 style Symbiote suit!)

Edit: Sorry, forgot the back decals. I’ll put them up tomorrow.


I’m not too worried about back decals. Thank you so much though these are awesome!

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These look really cool. Unorginal comment is unoriginal.

Could I have one of Pohatu in his mata form? Thanks!


I’ll see what I can do.

@EmperorDuckie Well, thankyou and you’re welcome.

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Some New decals

Gabby Kinney (Honey Badger) in a classic grey jacket

Laura Kinney (X-23) in a jacket

Gabby Kinney (Honey Badger) in a normal hoodie

Dakon/Carnage (Dakon with the Carnage symbiote on him)

Oh, and here’s spiderman’s back.

Coincidentally I just a three star carnage on Contest of Champions


Oh, and I’m working on Pohatu, he’s proven harder to do than most.

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Some other decals I finished earlier

Leah and Reese from the Crossing

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Gundam minifig decals?


Specifically Char’s Zaku.
In green.

Could you maybe post some pictures, I’ll try my best, but I do have some book covers to finish by the end of the week so if you can wait a week or so I’ll get to it.

I’ll do my best


Cool, thanks!
Take your time on it, there’s no rush.