Steampunk Tahu's Sprite Art

So I am a huge fan of 8-Bit and 16-bit games, especially the early Zelda titles, so I decided to try my hand at making some sprite based artwork. Tell me what you think.

Old Link


Flashback Link in the Hero’s Clothes

Flashback Zelda

Flashback Link in formal Blue Tunic

AoT Link in Goron Armor


it would be better with bionicle :joy: what are using to do them ?

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Just practicing now. I’d love to incorperate them into a game, I just havent found a good creation engine.

Oh, you mean what program? Its called piskel

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These are interesting, though the copy paste format is a big negative for me.


I would have varied them, but most of them are either the same character, or characters dressed the same way.

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This looks funny

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yeah I was talking about that X) thanks

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Well, the snes didn’t have nearly as much power as modern day smartphones, so they did their best at making good-looking games for what they had. I just emulated that style.