Stegosaurus Rahi (WIP)

Here’s a quick little MOC I made. It was inspired by a Stegosaurus, as you can probably tell by the title.
It fits in the G1 and G2 universe.

Defense mode:

Fighting a snake:

Story time:
These creatures usually stay in the water and jungle/air regions, where plants and water is plentiful.
These creatures only really fight each other, for dominance in a herd, or another creatures for self-defense.
Matoran/Villagers hunt them for their valuable tusks and spikes, although this is a dangerous task as these creatures will not hesitate to use their spikes to fight and kill.

I hope you enjoyed, and constructive criticism is always welcome!
Also if you have a suggestion for naming this thing please tell me.


the waist is a little too thin. i say cut the bohrok limbs and just connect the 2 parts.


I’m not gonna lie, I don’t like the look of this at all, it looks strange and disproportionate


Base on the fact it mostly Bohrok parts, its not very interesting at least. The color is fine I guess.


What pieces do you think I should use to make it more interesting?

How do you think I should fix the proportions?

It’s bad… In pretty much everyway, badly proportioned, built awkwardly, it kinda looks like something built only with very old parts before other parts were created.

And here’s a stegosaurus for comparison

It’s more like a spiked turtle than a stego.


It… doesn’t look much like a Stegosaurus.
A stegosaurus is more beefy, more meat and less length. This one looks like a spiky dog got stretched and that middle is exposed skin without spikes.
I also suggest adding a tail because, you know, that’s like one of a Stegosaurus’s main things. Condense the torso, add more of a cohesive look(This looks like something whipped up in 10 minutes without any regard for anything except “Look it’s a thing!!!”
Also it needs a tail for it to have any resemblance of a stegosaurus.
But nice try doe.


@AwesomeJoel27 @Umarak @ltranc @Square @Sammythekat
Iv’e changed around the MOC alot.
Also changing status to WIP.

I changed the spikes, dropped the Bohrok pieces and added a tail.

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turn the bohrok side shells around and connect them. add outward bulk, and the random grey and orange spikes need to go.

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Looks better however there’s still that void in between. And the tail doesn’t scream “STEGOSAURUS!”
Maybe you can attach one of those pieces that attach Gali Uniter’s arms and attach 4 spikes onto it.


I don’t have have Gali uniter, so I don’t know what piece that is.

I’d like to point out to everyone here that a stegosaurus doesn’t have “spikes” it has plates.
And the tail for a stago is a very specific thing, its called a thagomizer
The thagomizer is mounted at the end of a large flexible tail with four spikes coming off it to injure an attacking predator by swinging it with a very strong force.

And heres a reference image of one, its got 2 rows of plates going up its back to the tail, also if you must use those legs turn the front legs the other way round.

This has been a lecture by a man who assumes you haven’t seen a dinosaur since it was in a book when you’re a kid :wink:


I honestly can’t believe I forgot Stego’s had tails in the first place :laughing:

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I ignored the spikes thing because this is based on a stegosaurus and not really a 101% representation of the extinct creature.
And it’s probably hard to put specific plates on the back of a stegosaurus like thing.[quote=“boehmond, post:13, topic:28237”]
I honestly can’t believe I forgot Stego’s had tails in the first place :laughing:


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Yeah and I just noticed that in the last image its spearing a snake with its head, like a rhinoceros, man this thing is like a fusion of a triceratops and ankylosaurus more than a stegosaurus.

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Actaully I might go with that, that sounds really cool.

what part of WORK IN PROGRESS do you not understand?

I think you should watch your attitude.

I agree with what Umarak said.

Nothing you can add to the current form of this MOC will fix it’s proportions.

I changed the status to WIP after that was posted.