Steins;Gate 0

A midquel to the anime/visual novel series Steins;Gate was released last year. And an anime adaptation has been greenlit. I’m a bit late on Steins;gate as I only finished watching the show earlier this week. But I’m quite hyped for this sequel. Anyone else hyped? Here’s the visual novel’s opening:


That opening was pretty schweet, I may just watch this ‘midquel’.

The original Steins;Gate is on my top 20 favourite anime list :smile:.

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Yeah, I really liked Steins;Gate, I originally thought it was just ok for the first half but the second half definitely made up for a lot of slack. Anyways concerning the story for Steins;Gate 0, it involves the timeline where Okabe ends up killing Kirisu, and what he chooses to do afterwards . Sounds like it will be an interesting take on what we’ve seen.

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Steins;Gate is in my top 1 favourite anime list.
If you catch my drift.

I am very hyped for this, it’s not coming out soon enough !

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Gonna post in my own topic just to show that a preview for the anime adaptation is finally hear. Looks really good! I might be gone for a while and unable to watch this by the time it comes out, so that sucks, but it’s coming regardless and I’m happy :slight_smile: