Stellara; Aeonyx of Stars

My own addition to a species created by @Alieraah.
This is Stellara; a pyromaniac Aeonyx who was once responsible for the creation of stars. Her job soon turned to an obsession with supernovas though, and she now travels the galaxy, burning anything that catches her interest…

So, yeah. thoughts?


“Ooh, this looks cool- awww, there it goes”
I like the thing on the back, the build is nicely interesting, but the arms could use some detailing.


Yeah. I tried to make the arms a bit more detailed, but couldn’t add anything that didn’t completely ruin the articulation. I’ll have to revisit them at some point.

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This thing has a face?

Well, not exactly. Aeonyx are typified by having no facial features, and a ring floating behind them (or, for the purposes of mocking, mounted on their back).

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I suggest you contact Alieraah to get this into the aeonyx records.

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… his face is his crotch…

Overall, it looks very neat with the extremely fiery vibe giving off an otherworldly look