Basicaly the title

No influence from any moc at all, very original (like most of polish programswithfictionalcharacters credits say: "zbierzność nazwisk jest przypadkowa")


I can still see her waist.
hair not patchy enough.
do you even femoc bro?

that is the dumbest thing I've ever said, on purpose...


Sigh Yeah, I haven't really made any explicitly "feminine" M.O.C.s, and the few that I did make were, strange. For one Toa, I had to use the Mahri Eye/brain stalk with the axle connector in the back and then connect a ball joint to a visorak foot in order to give her hair. the only other one in recent memory was a titan with long flexible tubes for hair and Toa Metru shoulders as, ahem, "tracts of land." I felt so embarrassed I just threw the M.O.C. in the bottom of a pile and took it apart about a month later. weary

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Stereotypes I particularly hate:
*Gingers not having souls (in which they do).
*African Americans and Latinos being in gangs.
*Americans being stupid.

Seriously, what is up with stereotypes? They seem to run the world nowadays, and that's not a good thing.


I thought that was just a dumb internet joke?

Well, everyone makes the assumption now that gingers are souless, heartless people. I see it all the time.

Maybe my not having friends contributes to my ignorance.


hey uh chronicler

this is a topic of artwork, not in stereotypes in general


but yeah, this artwork pretty much sums up my thoughts on "feminine" MOCs. confused


yes that is the dumbest thing I've heard you say....


People with LEGO in their usernames being younger than 12
That one gets me every time.

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This topic will be fun to watch

To be fair (And I say this as someone who lives in America, so I should know) that last one unfortunately has at least some basis in truth.


Will you be making more of these? Like a selfmoc wearing a silver Avohkii?

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Mabey, depends, i mightvdraw something like that tommorow, at school, during polish classes (gosh, so booooring)

I just need alot of biomoc stereotypes! stuck_out_tongue (I know about mask-flipping)

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