Steven Universe Character Maker, Remake your SelfMOC as SU character

So.....I walked around the internet when I suddenly bumped into this strange, girl-game website with really interesting (and somehow odd) character designer which actually seems pretty complicated and legit....obviously as one of the many retarded fans of Steven Universe, I had to make a version of my self-MOC in how about you experiment with it and try to recreate your self-moc or OC there too. Post your results down here in the topic....for sure it will be interesting. ^_^

Link to the Game:

don't worry, there is no NSFW stuff there...


Weird, IMO.
But whatever, many things are weird.

That's a pretty impressive and rare power you have.

5 Likes was passed down to me from my great grand father.....


Did he read the Neuromancer by William Gibson?

What have i done


No....he did read playboy tho. (sorry if this is NSFW term for the boards)

@Pak lol....that is certainly something.

Best I could do, with options as limited as mine.

(I think the only thing it has in common is that it's red)

welp, now I have to figure out why it's nearly three in the morning and what I was doing before I found this topic...


I'm hungry now...


Is cool.