Steven Universe!

A show about gem magic, love, etc! er… well my favorite character is Pearl because I relate to her a lot! I don’t have a favorite episode, though. What about you?


I’m not an avid follower of the show, but I’ve dropped in on it every once in a while.

It seems pretty good, really. Kind of has that adventure time feel.


Why WHIPPLE why must you like this show? (me shouting at my red haired friend in my mind)

He has told me way too much about this show and I don’t even remember most of what he said but he (for some reason) likes Steven Universe.

And the worst part is, he doesn’t like Ninjago.

Sorry, That was my little rant


Probably the best recent stuff

The entirety of Steven Bomb was pretty great overall though.


I haven’t watched Steven Universe, and to be frank, I haven’t thought about changing the fact. What are the strong points of the series and how does it stand out from other cartoons like Adventure Time?


i really dont enjoy this or uncle grandpa


I’d suggest figuring that out yourself by watching the series; it’s not going to cut into your time much anyway, but here’s an overview/recap since that seems to be more along the lines of what you want.

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Wait. I was about to add my own thoughts, but comparing this show to Uncle Grandpa is like comparing Harry Potter(or whatever adventurey book-series) to a kid’s book about boogers(or what have you)

As far as my own opinions on the show, I think it’s the best show that’s been on CN for a while, and that Steven is the best modern times kid character I’ve ever seen. I love the music, though, I think that’s one of the best parts of the series.


bionicles fanbase would make stevens gem explode looking at us

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Steven Universe, more like “All the Feels Universe”.
Amazing story (all the feels again), amazing visuals (pretty backgrounds), amazing characters (all with unique characteristics, not generic, different body types…). Its all I wanted from CN for a long time. Over the Garden Wall, Gravity Falls and this show are my current favorite shows, SW Rebels being close.
My current Top 5 favorite songs in Steven Universe:

Favorite episodes: Cant pick, all of them are pretty good. Steven Bomb episodes were all over with the feels. You really get invested with the characters at the end of season 1 which is why its way better than the other show Rebecca Sugar worked on, Adventure Time.



I decide to watch this
I love it

I think roses scabbard and lion 3: straight to video are my favourites.


How much of the series have you watched by now, cause it gets better with each later episode. (it has a continuing story not an episodic one so watching them in order of release is probably the best way to do it).

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watched them all so far.


I don’t follow the show, but I’ve see a few episodes and to be honest, the show is some true CN potential. Not any of the Uncle Grandpa crap…

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Oh, that show?
That show sucks.
It’s like a drug trip, but on CN.

Speaking of that

Whoever was turned off by the crossover

Pls watch it

Trust me its literally the best thing

its uncanon too


I wouldn’t say it was the best thing, but the meta humor was a nice surprise.

Nice fan acknowledgements too.



This scene resonates with me on a spiritual level. Just look at it,

I love this frame because it’s literally composed as a renaissance painting.

and this…

…And someone made a Rock Symphony out of its music. Totally Legend of Zelda material.

…This show is amazing, over nine thousand.

“Numbers have no meaning!” (Also Hopper is using a Wii-U controller)


I noticed this
twas great

anyone watched story for steven yet?