Still being able to post even if the topic was closed?

No, really. This is not the first time in which I see this. I mean, shouldn’t this ability disappear?

You probably can’t actually reply, it just says you can.

But yeah it should disappear

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I’ve seen it, I’ve tried it, you can’t submit it

This happens a lot, particularly if you were on a page before it closed, or load it shortly after it got closed. Like the others said, though, you can’t actually submit a reply to the topic. It will probably bring up a box that says “reply as linked topic.” even if it doesn’t, though, if you try to submit it it’ll just say “this topic is locked.”


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Well this is gonna be ironic isn’t it?

Not a bug, unless it actually allows you to reply, in which case I’d be impressed because only Admins are supposed to be able to do that :stuck_out_tongue:


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