Still life

Here is a still life I drew when I was bored in the back of art class. It only took 10 mins, I am quite proud of it.

Tell me what you think. Please leave constructive criticism, even if you don’t like any of it please tell me all of the reasons why


I have no idea what it is

but the banana and carrot especially

are like

really weirdly nicely shaded


Not sure what you mean by that

It’s a banana, carrot, 4 quasi crystals, tree leaf, conker and shark teeth.

@Nyran they must look very realistic then :slight_smile: , or just out of place. Don’t know about you but I lean more towards the second option. How about you?

@Daniel ok, how?

I kinda see it now

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Like, it looks like the banana and carrot are entirely separate from the paper they’re drawn on

which on the one hand is super cool

but on the other is kinda weird to my eyes.

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I thought the banana was laughing at first XD

@DiamondKing The stalk of the carrot and the line on the banana

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why does the Banana have a face? really nicely drawn but it all looks really random

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Ask the banana I was drawing and I wanted to find natural objects, they were the only ones in the room.

@ToaVoriki thanks, what do you like about it?

Ahh, he likes to spread the joy :slight_smile:

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I love this picture, I think my favorite part is the banana lol

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Really miscellaneous things in here.

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well if you want constructive criticism…
some of the shadows seem off on the smaller items, making it seem hollow, especially the crystal in the bottom left corner of the 2nd pic
to be honest there’s nothing really that wrong, just nitpicks


It is a weird shadow, though the item looked like that when I drew it. Probably bad lighting and awkward shape. But thanks, I will work on shadows next time.

@Omega_Tahu So do you like it overall?

So does anyone else have any constructive criticism. If you do please tell me.