Stimulants in Matoran Universe.

Hey Greg,

do MU creatures use any stimulants like kind of alcohol, drugs, other psychoactive substances? Do such things even exist in their world?

Thanks in advance.


LEGO would never allow that sort of thing to be added to the universe.


Actually there are such things as “pacified” drugs, if that’s the right terminology. Hard to find and utilize instances where something completely safe and innocent for humans can be completely different for something else, say Matoran. A way to introduce this kind of behavior and advocate the dangers of it without actually providing a gateway.

I think the best example I give comes from Shane Acker’s 9. One of the characters, 8, uses a magnet that he holds to his head. It messes with his eye receptors to give hallucinations. This introduces the behavior, and the consequences are horrendous (Spoilers if you haven’t watched the movie.)

So yes, Lego wouldn’t allow organic and consumable substances as drugs or stimulants, and rather than a yes or no I think something like this would be up for a bigger discussion. The Matoran inhabitants do have robotic components after all. We’ve all had fun making our television screens warp with magnets, haven’t we?

Edit: Found a clip:


New headcanon: some Matoran deliberately got in trouble with the Vahki because they enjoyed the effects of their stun staffs. Particularly the Le-Matoran shamblers.


I would feel relatively confident in professing the belief that this is the only correct answer, from TLG’s evangelical/critical perspective.

That said, I would say that the special thing about G1, and Greg’s writing in particular, is that it operated on a level of social and humanistic literacy (despite a complete and unwavering lack of humans) that allowed for the reasonable insinuation of utterly personable and, frankly, uniquely human topics. If you’re interested in veering away from mature topics such as drug use, it’s worth noting that MU residents do have an in-universe creation mythology, toys, sports, and culturally specific satire - so, while the concerted and particular example of drugs might be out of the question, it is a testament to the quality of G1 that it can even be asked, as a question, in the first place.

I don’t mean to attempt to undermine anything that Greg would state on this front, but did, for what it’s worth, feel as though this was worth touching on. :stuck_out_tongue: