Stone Creature Moc

One of my few generation 2 sets was the stone creature, and so I wanted to make a different version, but also bigger. He does not have the ability to combine and I never got the guardian series Toa anyway. Please send feed back as I attempted to make him with a better tail but same "claws" or at least that style.


Ketar what have they done to you

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"We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster."


You probably mean harder, better, faster, stronger

no, the original quote doesn't have harder in it

I thought it was a daft punk reference

that's understandable

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Body's a bit small, but it's still better than the normal set (not saying much, I know).

Any ideas for fixing it?

Fixed him.

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It is true

Ketar has finally reached his final form.

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I want to use this leg style with a g2 visorak moc I think. Still working of its body

It looks like an infinitely better version of Skull Scorpio.

Well they would look similar being scorpions and all

Ketar. I told you to stay away from the steroids


They made him beautiful :joy:

That’s pretty good. I definitely like it better than the actual stone creature.

Thanks for the feedback