Stone Creature Weapon form

As you know, in the art of bioncle each creature had three forms; armor ability and weapon. For Ketar his weapon form was a snake with a buzz saw at the end. I did my best to recreate this.


I like that the tail still looks like a tail when Ketar’s united with Pohatu.
Also, you need to work on that color scheme! It’s way too constistent for Ketar! :rage:
Seriously, the color scheme needs some work; it’s too bland and doesn’t look like anything stone related.
Otherwise, nice snek tail weapon thing.

I am using all my brown… I only got pohatu and his protector so I am really limited on those pieces… also my silver is being used. I will try gunmetal mabey? I have a tad of that left…
@Charassy how about this? Mabey swishy the green and gunmetal?

Gunmetal is always cool, though you could try to replace some of the burnt orange on Pohatu with the translucent neon-green yellow from Ketar, so that you can use those pieces for Ketar.

I am using them in Sandstorm who is in the pictures, I think green world be too many colors for her, mabey not my protector though…

Red balls!

Looks pretty nice, really fits but maybe more brown

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Again I have 8 brown shells, and all are being used right now…

RIP pieces so meh, you did the best you could.

Pretty much.

A nice attempt at capturing the look of the concept art. Unfortunate all your burnt orange shells are being used at the moment, because this is not bad otherwise.

Yeah I really need to buy more burnt orange shells, especially since it is stone and one of my favorite shell color.