Stone Tablets Against Matoran-ity: The Squeakquel

The Stone Tablets strike again! Another outbreak of stone tablets has began at Karda Nui, and only a select group of Matoran can stop them! Only 25 waves of tablets will come this time around, so be prepared, the fate of the taco stand heart of the universe is at risk.

Welcome to the official sequel to STAM. The rules are simple.

  1. The elected Kohlii-Head must create a sentence, called a black card, with blanks to fill in.
    (The sum of _ and_ is Discount Ridley.)

  2. All other players attempt to fill in the blanks by replacing the underscores with fillers, in bold text. EVERYONE must respond or the round WILL NOT continue.
    (The sum of purple and Charizard is Discount Ridley.)

  3. The Kohlii-Head must choose his favorite fillers. The one who posted the winning filler is the new Kohlii-Head.

Now, some guidelines:
-Abide by board rules. No political, religious, or otherwise… controversial black card or filler.
-Don’t distract the game. Go off topic, and I’ll have one of the mods drag your sorry bum to the Pit.
-Filler should be short and sweet. There’s no limit to the length of your filler, but it is recommended you keep it as short as possible.
-Be clever with filler.


I’ll begin for you fools.


######u didn c nuttin

1+1= Your underwear

1+1=Your IQ.

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1+1= Two ones

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bold text on your filler, pl0x


1+1= Your destined place in every race.

including this game, chumps.

1+1= The key to controlling the universe

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The key to happiness

1+1=Garfield, for 1+1 rhymes with 'nun plus nun, which we all know equals zero. There are zero chances that 1+1 equals garfield, unless you put this one thing into perspective. Garfield has 6 letters, so does Seinfeld. Seinfeld is one of the best animes, and so is Cory in the House. We all know that Cory grew up to be President Obama, and that Obama loved Garfield.


|:=3 mind blown

@Emuex instantly won by writing this


Aaaaaand @Emuex wins game night

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daaaaaw you guys

1+1 = **A simple calculation that fails to compensate for the possibilities of human stupidity. **

(Not my joke)

A question that is seen as simple by today’s standards, but was just as complex as writing a 500 Page Epic hundreds upon thousands of years ago.


1+1= my favorite number of the alphabet

1+1=the sum to every Michael Bay Film

1 + 1 = 2

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