Stop motion tips?

So recently I’ve been wanting to do a stop motion film. I’ve been thinking of a cool story, and I was going to use established characters, along with some of my own. But this is where the problem starts. I don’t have a computer of my own, and to my understanding, you need editing software.(I think). Also, I know you don’t need an amazing camera to do this kind of thing, but I feel that would make it better. Also, considering I’m a freshman, I have a decent amount of free time, but I would have no idea how or where to begin. So, due to the situation, this probably won’t happen, but tips would be appreciated…


About the editing software, I can only suggest things on a mac. The program I use is iStopmotion, which is brilliant. I do believe there is something out there called SAM animation? I think you can download a free trial.

I wouldn’t go straight into a complex story with many episodes for your first animation. Maybe do just a little sketch or a battle between two people. Then you can work your way up to a big stop motion series!

Thanks dood. My sis has a Mac, but she won’t let me near it (insert white girl stereotype)


Actually, if you’re running Windows you already have a stopmotion program in the form of WLMM (Windows Live Movie Maker). It’s incredibly simple, although every time you put new frames in you have to change their length.

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I dont have a PC so…yea

Oh O_o

Don’t know what to tell you then.

Ever tried Monkey Jam?


It’s a wonderful Stop-Motion program. I used to use it in my days of animating.

This film was made in Monkey Jam. It’s one me and my brother worked on:


These are cool, but it stems back to me not having a computer

Best free stop motion program for Windows- Helium Frog
Best tip to know- ease in, ease out:
Helpful object- sticky tack (to hold things that would’t otherwise balance)

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PM me if you want. I used to do stopmotions/claymation ALL THE TIME. I’m really good, if I do say so myself :smile:

Have you got a link to some of your videos?

Patience is the only real advice I can give :stuck_out_tongue:

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A place I can reomend for asking brickfilming questions and helpful critiques of your films is the bricksinmotion community. Most of them use minifigures, not Bionicles, but they are very hepful. :smiley:

Sorry I’m not replying doodz I’m in school

@Ekorak you can use select all then change the time all at once

I know. When you put in a new batch of images you have to change them.

Try to find a way not to constantly push a button on your camera if that’s how pictures are taken on your camera. If there’s no option to do so, try filming the whole thing in video as you progress and then take screenshots (pictures) after each movement. For example.


What’s the cheapest good software? No MonkeyJam!!!