Stories of Ultimate Revenge

So, I was thinking...

Have you ever been, like, really mad at someone for something they did and gotten back at them? If so, share your story!

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Well nothing really comes to mind for me, but I'd love to see what other people have. :relaxed:

There is too many stories to put here.

All my enemies are dead.

Nah but seriously I don't hold grudges.

I may not forget transgressions but I'll forgive them as long as my safety isn't in question.


I remember a couple years ago me and some friends were playing gmod and one of them raided this base I had assembled. To compensate, I grabbed a Davy Crockett and nuked the whole map.


I write stories and pretty much every character who dies is named after someone I don't like/has wronged me in some way.

Does that count?


One time a kid slapped me and yelled "Prank gone wrong gone sexual" and ran off.

I went behind him and slapped the back of his head and yerlled what he yelled.
PS I don't condone violence, me and him barely put force in.

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Yeah, sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Recently, a student in my English class has been a real so-and-so to the teacher. He'd flip him off when he left the room and purposely not do his homework. This was my favourite teacher, and he got a bad rap from a lot of kids in school, but connected with me and my friends really well. But this guy would try to get answers from me on his incomplete work because everyone knew I was the teacher's pet. I never had a death wish on him or anything, but coincidence works in a funny way. What you are about to read is not a joke. This really happened. On a snowmobile trip, he crossed a road and was hit by a tractor trailer. He's in critical condition at a nearby children's hospital, and there's no way that at his age of 14, he could cross a road legally, so his parents will have to pay a hefty fine on his part. Oh, and he's a smoker. Under the watchful eye of the nurses and his parents with no conventional access to cigarettes, I'd be more worried about the withdrawals than the pain. I have no words...


I dont know whether to laugh or to feel bad. (i got a messed up sense of humor)

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Laugh, he's not worth sympathizing. He's a massive jerk

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I'm sure he'll survive with no life long injuries. He'll probably just walk out of this with nothing more than a well learned life lesson.

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Unless the injury is caused by the action to be learned then no lesson is possible.


Wait what?

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If the lesson he needs to learn did not cause his accident then he can't learn it.

That's like saying getting hit by a truck would give a revelation of how to be a nicer person.


Well I was just thinking that he think twice before walking into the middle if a street.

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Fair enough.


He's broken close to all bones in his lower legs and some in his torso area. He was in a brief coma and probably won't walk again until the summer is over.

  1. It was a snowmobile accident. The only people walking were the paramedics and the truck driver getting out of the truck to call for an ambulance.
  2. No,he wouldn't have. That's why it happened. I hate people like that. Too cool to use their heads.


sucks for him.