Stories: The Path of Destinies

this is an interesting action role-playing game with the main gameplay being about makeing choises:

note that the demon sword does not exist in the game

the main point of the game is to unlock four different endings that gives you four “truths” that will allow you to unlock the true ending, but there are many normal endings trou out the game.

one more thing though, if you have played this game and unlocked the four “truths” what kind of hero are you based on those first endings that unlocked the truths.

mine are the following:

  • “A hero who always follows his heart.”
  • “A hero who belives there is always good left in a corrupted friend.”
  • “A hero who transcends being a hero to become one with everything.”
  • “A hero who is willing to risk space, time, the Universe and everything if the odds are in his favor”
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I would totally get it if it was for PC, or if I had a PS4. Anyway, that game looks really cool! It has a unique idea, and I hope more games like this will come out.

It is for pc. It was released for both Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

Really? I’ll have to see if my computer can run it then.

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That’s the definition of an RPG.

They all let you do that.

Get your money back if an RPG wont let you do that.