Storm Beast: Redux

This latest MOC of mine is a revamp of sorts of the summer’s Storm Beast set. With this one, I gave him a more bestial, yeti-type look, while also experimenting with the (trans) green, blue and white color scheme that the set uses. The chest piece is a completely custom print, applied with modeling clay to a solid gunmetal colored CCBS chest piece. The head is also one hundred percent custom in it’s design. Overall, I put a ton of effort into this, so I hope that it’s interesting.Also, for the record, the white pin piece on the head is supposed to be a tongue, not a horn.

Any thoughts?


Looks a bit messy. But other then that I kind of like this.


I like the actual set more, this one is super messy.

totally not an SB fangirl


It isn’t perfect, but I at least tried to make it more cohesive color-wise than my usual MOC.

I’m going to keep trying until I create a hit, guys.


Yeah I agree I actually love the way most of the summer sets look this year. all except QB. Hey man can ya start working on him instead, he need the revamp way more then this guy needs it.

better than what we’re getting :confused:


The colors aren’t that great either, some clash badly, like the odd white. The other thing that bother me are the legs, they look too messy, and the stud shooting srms look really…empty and out of place, like those shooters were just slapped in there.

And the exposed ball joints…

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Very very messy. Can’t really tell what’s going on.

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Did you use paint or clay on the chest piece?

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I believe it’s… clay

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Well, it’s quite messy… overall, it just doesn’t really do anything for me.

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Yup, it’s clay.

I’m working on a MOC that takes some of the ideas into account… thanks everyone.

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I appreciate your effort in your revamp, but I feel like it’s kind of messy. You have some nice ideas, but I feel the custom legs could be executed better. The clay also doesn’t really work with the plastic. Good job though.