Storm Dragon

My gift to @Sabretooth for @Ghid’s 2021 Secret Santa, based on his Moc of the same name.

Despite the huge teeth, its mouth can fully close, as can the shadow trap on its tail.

It can also stand only on its hind legs just like the original moc.

Here it is on the prowl.

With its prey in its mouth.

Killing a bunch of Metus’.

Eating their mangled remains.

And roaring to the skies in satisfaction.


The limbs and tail are all very simple, nothing that can’t be figured out at face value. The rest is more complicated. I’ll start with the back half of the torso, which is comprised of three sections.

The first section is just a small CCBS torso completely covered in neon green shells.

The second section is also very easy to figure out. Make sure to add the black pins, they’re a bit obscured in this picture.

The final section is a bit trickier; a fairly basic build with some armour covering it.

The rounded assembly attaches to the torso itself.

The triangular piece attaches to the neck.

And the remaining assembly attaches to the remaining joint.

The small torso attaches to the technic pins on the second component.

The third component then attaches via the grey piece on the bottom, finishing the Storm Dragon’s lower body.

You can attach the rear legs and tail at this stage.

The upper body is much more difficult. Start by building the construction shown above.

Push this assembly through the holes shown.

Attach a second Glatorian neck on the opposite side to make it symmetrical.

Next, put this Technic assembly through the marked hole.

Attach a second pin connector on the other side to secure it in place.

Next, build this assembly. The blue pin in the chest has a ball joint on the back of it.

Insert the assembly we were working on earlier into the midsection of the 1.0 torso using the black axle on it.

Properly angle and adjust everything so that the double-ended sockets and smaller assembly all face towards the neck of the torso.

Attach the Glatorian necks to the double-sockets to produce the basic skeleton of the upper body.

Attach a ribcage with a spike addon onto the exposed ball joint.

Attach a 3.0 paw to both sides of the assembly.

Finally, add another ribcage on the bottom.

Connect the two halves of the body together as shown.

The finished torso should look like this.

Next, we’ll work on the shoulders. Here’s an exploded view, they’re not that difficult to make.

Each shoulder attaches to an exposed small bone on the side of the upper torso.

Once attached, it should look like this.

You can attach the front legs at this point. They connect to the remaining joint behind the paw pieces.

The lower jaw is fairly simple. It’s all based around a Ben 10 torso shell, with a rubber ammo belt clipped into the chest holes and covered in teeth. A rubber band keeps the belt in place.

It attaches to the centre joint.

Finally, we’ll build the upper jaw. It’s constructed around a Mosasaurus lower jaw, with everything held in by a pair of axles with studs.

This attaches to the remaining ball joint.

Your Storm Dragon is now complete!


I like the translucent bits, they look really cool. nice moc

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The head is really nice


How did it find two Metus’s to slaughter.
There’s a great looking moc and my priority is that? What’s wrong with me?
In all seriousness this is really good, also the use of that old dinosaur head piece.


I should have known! I love it, thank you so much! I love how you redesigned the head


Is it using the mosasaurs/alpha agents orca head piece?


Yeah, I used the mosasaurus lower jaw for this creature’s upper jaw. The lower one’s based around a Ben 10 torso armour piece.


I love that the translucent parts of from green to blue

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I love this! it’s weirdly cute!


Now i see it. Wee need more system interaction like that.

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