Storm, Toa Guardian of Water

Name: Storm
Occupation: Toa, Magi, Scholar, peacekeeper, Warlock
Element: Water And Lightning
Team: Toa Guardians
Weapons: Energizers
Mask: Kanohi Rau, Great Mask of Translation
Weapon: Normally Storm would not use a weapon but once she lost control of her Lightning powers Siferius had to put Dampeners on her armor. her Energizers now help her control her powers over lightning using them as her normal attacks or she can shoot them like lasers, the energizers also can produce an electrical field to contain the Lightning's plasma energy and use them as Plasma Blades to fight close quarters.
Element: Her powers of water are more dormant then her powers over lightning but she can use water just as easily. she has even been able to combine her powers to send an electrical charged blast of water at her enemies. due to her power over both, she has the ability to also absorb Electrical impulses and water currents and has even been able to purify water through both. this allows her to use her ability to absorb water to regenerate her stamina. she has also found that using static electricity she can grant herself the ability to fly.
Mask: Her mask has its usual abilities, through she has found a way through her mask to put ENORMUS amounts of information into her mind by translating and copying whatever she reads Directly into her mind.
History: Storm Was the Matoran that Yami saved. when Yami saved her she didn't work well with others. Because Yami was once a makuta she didn't have a good history with him, Siferius on the other hand was always good to her. he treated her well and he did everything he could to make sure she survived through out the days, even one time helping her escape. when Siferius was about to take a Blow from Yami Storm stepped in and took the hit, and when Storm Insisted on helping with finding a creature Siferius needed in the Lightning fields she tool an electrical charge to save Siferius. instead of killing her she went into a coma but she was in critical condition. Siferius did everything he could to bring her back putting her into the body of a Toa making the electricity run through her body to give her strength instead of it killing her. when she came to she was so confused and scared she tor through the city. it was a final talk down from Siferius that helped her calm down. after he saw what destruction she caused because she couldn't control her powers because of her emotions he built electrical dampeners on her Armor. since then Storm has kept her distance from Yami who suggested they take her down and has gotten together with Siferius. She doesn't trust Yami very much and has trouble seeing eye to eye with many of the team except for Siferius, Hikari, and a few others. she wears the Bond of the Warlock(Not shown may change later)

OK! SO last of the three types! this is obvious(if you know the other two)and so now onto the...more boring ones...SEE YOU THEN!



Toa of water

Um Remember hero factory is not like here.
But other then that cruse, this is a neat MOC. But hey that's just an opinion, my opinion.

Sad to say its all I had...

She has a hero core, to paraphrase TR-8R "traitor!"
Other than that looks good

Pretty good, although she could use a better name. she looks pretty good now, although she needs some shin armor. Also, her arms are a bit long. That's all I have to say, though she could be improved far beyond what I've suggested

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XD Call me what you will don't have the ability to change it right now

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As much as people are blowing the hero core out of proportion, I cannot deny that Hero Factory 1.0 parts don't have the best meshing aesthetics.


thunder thighs man

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Not a bad idea, just could use some refining and maybe custom and CCBS when you get to that point.

neat work.

Excuse me?


You've brought down the wrath of the Raptor @GIF.Man.Ben


XD thanks you two...Honestly though I don't think I will be using CCBS with her but I am thinking of incorporating it into Siferius...

um, yeah, "toa" of water, are you sure it isn't, oh, I don't no, maybe A HERO?!


I think it's meant to be a plate skirt of some kind, but I agree that they don't evoke that aesthetic very well. Bohrok thighs could be a thing, though... probably the future hip equivalent of nuva boobs.

As far as the rest of the MOC goes, it looks a little messy with so many different blues; it could use a somewhat more contrasting secondary color, or at least a bit more trans-yellow on other parts of the body. The hero core isn't a huge problem for me personally, but those blades really don't look like the kind of weapons a Toa of Water would use.

Not bad, but it could use some refinement.

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Maybe she is a Toa that became a hero, cause they had cooler weapons?

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I understand how it is man i used to have to do it all the time. I was just joking with that. like i said neat MOC.

Well i have the power of the Memes, so bring it raptor a Meme gets old but it never completely dies.


That still doesn't make her not a traitor. The fact that she couldn't afforded better armor is what makes her not a traitor.

Not a fan of the torso (ignoring the HF core) due to the texture and color, doesn't fit with the darker metru blue.
Still a neat job.

EDIT: also the back is

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Seriously? do you even read the comments above? no offence meant dude or dudet but this is the second time you have done this...

yeah that's the thing if I had the ability to make Lego bring out the blue type with that skirt I would...the only issue is that the bohrok thighs were too big and clunky so I had to make due with what I could...

NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST! way I see it Hero factory is nothing but parts to be used...Speaking of which I am gona be having a mostly CCBS not entirely sure how well it will lok without its original mask THAT IS CAN'T FIND...seriously I know I have it...

Again lack of pieces I could use...could probably work around the chest in some way but not entirely sure for the back...not really gona be displaying her like that so to me doesn't really matter...

Final Note: MAN Everyone is hatting on Hero Factory parts being used XD Guess if I want negative attention to my mocs I should use it more often LOL

I do not have an issue with it, I make HF MOCs, but if you do not want the HF core there..maybe use a tire?

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Wow, can't you take a joke as an, extremely cruel sounding joke? I hate to be mr literal, but I'm a bird, so being a human would be terrible, no matter if I'm a jerk or just a really nice human.

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