Storm Trooper - TR8R

Equipped with a Z6 Riot Baton. I was considering giving a riot shield too based on the concept art, but with the guns already present, the shield would have been a little too much. Aside from a Storm Trooper set I MAY consider getting Rey, but I’m really hesitant mainly due to the head/face mold, constraction sets with human faces just feel off.


Is it wrong that I want to marry this because it’s so beautiful?

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Well…I’m not the one to judge that ^_^;

This is phenomenal, love your interpretation of the Riot Baton.

Oh… My… Gawd. I love it.

Can it spin?

Yes it can, as fast as it needs to =D


Looks like a TRAITOR.

This looks absolutely amazing, and I agree about human constraction figures looking strange.

This MOC is great! :grinning:

I may not be a fan of the meme.

But I gotta hand it to you, that baton design is very movie-accurate.

MOC itself is just standard CCBS, but works well.

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I thought this Moc would be a joke.

But the pictures spun me right round.

I’m not a big meme user either but since I only bought the Trooper from the current Star Wars sets, might as well give him a little something to play with =D
And thanks, I also had the thought of adding the electricity bolt into the middle section, but that didn’t work out.

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The riot baton looks great. Nice job

I feel the need to point out his real name is FN-2199 or “Nines”

this is an amazing moc


Based-Meme-Lord would be proud

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