Story signups

Inspired by @Ghid

I make funni story.

You can be a character unless I decide not to include you.

If you want to be made in your own fashion, let me know, or I make you how I want.

I can make you die in the story, so be prepared for that.

No backing out once you sign up by the way.

Any interest?

EDIT: Ok we got some:




You’ve been here for less than a day and are seemingly well-acquainted with the goings-on of the entirely of the Boards, but evidently not all of the Boards.

Part of why the long, drawn-out, years-in-the-making story series I concocted from the pits of my brainrot worked so well on the Boards is because I’ve been on the Boards for years, and so had many of the participants in the story. I knew what they acted like, I knew what direction to take the humor in, and how well the end product delivered on that knowledge is up for debate, but I went in well prepared.

Point being, I’m not sure how well a story involving Boards members with potentially killing some of those Boards members off will vibe with someone who doesn’t know the Boards members all that well. It might have the opposite effect of the Bo_ series.

I don’t think I’ll be signing up. But I’ll definitely be watching to see how it goes.


Ok. Thanks for the advice!

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Still doing this?
I’d like to join.

For once ghids life would be in the hands of another.

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Been a while since I joined one of these but I’d be up for it.