STORY: The More Things Change

So this is a story revolving around my MOCs and how they adjust from the Matoran Universe to Spherus Magna. If you want to know the backstory for these characters, here are the links to the forum posts about them
The Toa:

Note: In this story the serials are non-canon and the Toa Nuva were together immediately before the Great Spirit Robot was destroyed.

Ata opened his eyes, squinting as the bright sunlight gleamed off his golden Hau. He was lying on a large stretch of sand that he quickly realized was a desert. His head hurt. He got up and looked around. Nearby he saw a blue and white figure lying face-down in the sand. He raced over to the fallen being. He turned him over to reveal a Noble Akaku upon his face.
“Ihu, wake up!” Ata commanded. The Ice Toa’s eyes shot open, and before Ata could react, he had his hands around Ata’s neck and was choking him against the ground. There was a look of cold fury behind the attacker’s mask. “Ihu… it’s… me.” Ata gasped. The attacking Toa’s grasp lessened as recognition flooded his eyes.
“Sorry. I thought I was….” His voice trailed off. Ata nodded.
“I understand.” Ata said, looking around. “Where are we? Something’s different about the air, the gravity, the way the light hits the ground. It’s off.” Ihu glanced around the arid environment. His eyes widened as he saw a gathering of beings, Toa, Matoran, and others, gathered around what looked like….
“We should move.” He said. Ata rubbed his sore neck.
“What do you see, brother?” the Fire Master asked, straining to see what Ihu did.
“Change.” Ihu said enigmatically. “and the rest of our team.” And with those words, he stood up and walked towards the gathering.

“No, Not gone. Not really… But he’s right. The best way to honor him for the gifts he has given us is to make this world what he wanted it to be. A place of peace. A living world where Matoran and Agori can achieve their destinies. Come my friends, new and old… it’s time to begin.” A being Ata recognized as Tahu said, and he felt like his words carried a strange sense of finality. Noticing a huge structure nearby, he looked to see a massive metal head, its eyes glowing with a quickly fading red light. The large group of beings turned to look at the newcomers, and Tahu came striding towards them, a mournful look on his face.
“Tahu.” Ata said, nodding at the Toa. “What news have you?”
The Toa Mata paused, and sighed deeply. “Makuta is gone, but so is our home, our entire Universe has been destroyed. Inside that head is Metru Nui, and farther down are all the rest. But we have a new home. Spherus Magna, and it seems that very few of our number died in the impact. Things could have been much worse.” Tahu said, with sadness behind his words. “Your team is over there Ata, which is more than I can say for my team. They have still not appeared. Last I heard they were going to attempt to storm the Coliseum, but then Metru Nui was destroyed. I fear the worst has befallen them.” And with those words, Tahu walked off towards the giant head,

Hunter had not had a good day. It had started out fine, sniping Matoran and Toa from atop the Coliseum, and he thought he had even hit one of the Toa Nuva. But then there was that awful crunching sound as the Great City buckled under the weight of some unseen object and the world turned upside down. He had fallen through the skies of Metru Nui, watching as the city grew distant, millions of Matoran clinging onto whatever they could to keep from sharing his fate. And after what seemed like hours, he hit the sky face first. He had landed next to one of Metru Nui’s dual suns, only to find it wasn’t a sun at all and instead a giant circular window. When he looked outside the window he saw a vast plain of sand stretching as far at the eye could see, and that’s when he had realized the desert was coming closer. Without thinking he shattered the Great Spirit’s eye and dropped to the desert below, running as fast as he could from the falling robot. He had tried to slow the descent of the massive machine using his elemental control over metal, but to no avail. He was almost crushed when the Mata Nui robot hit the ground, the shockwave throwing him miles away, finally landing in a village filled with Matoran-like creatures.
He finished remembering his morning with a heavy heart. His home was gone. He was tied up in a stone hut, and his Kanohi was damaged. How could things get worse? When a Toa walked in, he wished he hadn’t asked. Or was it a Toa? He was as tall as a Toa, and wore Fire-themed armor, but something about the steely gaze of the figure reflected Hunter’s own, and his massive claws were stained with blood. This was a killer.
“Who are you and what tribe do you come from?” the figure asked. “Or are you like the others we’ve captured, who say they come from the Mata Nui?” He said the last two words with contempt that outraged the Toa deep inside Hunter.
“Yeah. I come from Mata Nui. But I’m not with them. I’m here to help you.” Hunter said, hoping that his ruse would work. It did not. Hunter’s dishonesty was rewarded with a powerful blow across the face. The assassin felt his already damaged Kanohi fracture.
“Don’t lie. I have already learned from the others that you know nothing of Bara Magna, so do not waste my time.” The large figure said angrily. “I now ask you one simple question, and if you do not answer truthfully, I will terminate you. What is your name?”
“My true name was taken from me. I go by Hunter nowadays. Who are you?” Hunter asked, not truly expecting an answer, meaning he was surprised when his captor spoke.
“I am Malum.”

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