Strakk MOV

Being one of my first Bionicle sets, I have lots vid nostalgia for strakk, so it’s about time I made him, my own way! Using some more modern pieces and my new build style!


Size comparison

Please leave comments and criticism!


Not bad. I love the double axes. I wish I knew what happened to my axe.

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Haha! Yeah, I got a second axe in a parts lot, and have wanted to make this moc ever since.

The swiveling waist works very well as a choice for this moc considering his double axes


An…Interesting represetation. Nice work.

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@BionicleBoss Yep, and it works really well, especially with the feet as a holding base.
@Toa_Radrix Thansk! Yeah, it’s pretty close to the original, and I feel like I kept the same personality.

I might replace the upper arm back armor with white Borok eyes though

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Get em’ Strakk


I like the fact that you used the 2016 Gear Function Body… This probably the first time I see it being used.
Also, clever use of those Hahli feet! It works very well!

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nICE job making those big, awkward ice armour pieces look good, even on the back.