Strange Bionicle Stuff from 2004 and 2005?

So for a while I’ve been buying some of my Bionicle sets and pieces from a flea market, and sometimes I start noticing strange parts that I didn’t know existed. The following Pictures are some of the things I own.
In Order:

  1. A White Kanoka Disk Launcher.

  2. A Weird Greenish Silver Rhotuka Disk.

  3. A Solid Red Rhotuka Disk compared to Keetongu’s Rhotuka Disk (Matoran Language Code Included).

  4. Various Kanoka Disks I dont recall seeing in most of the Matoran sets I bought. (I always wondered if a disk with 666 existed)

  5. A Black and yellow Krataa. (I’m sure this isn’t a misprint, and if any hardcore fans know which Kraata this is, let me know)

What do you guys think?

Do you think you guys can help me out?

(Also I cant fix the number list for some odd reason, theres 5 things)


They all comes from the various packs, the Disk Launcher and the disks come from the disk pack, the spinners come from the spinner pack, and the Kraata comes from a Kraata pack.


All of them are from various packs. The Kanoka Launcher and Kanoka Disks are from a Kanoka Pack, the Rhotuka Spinners are from a Rhotuka Pack and the Kraata is a Level 2 Kraata of Sonics from a Kraata Pack.


Although it should be canon (level six, Onu-Metru, shrinking power), it doesn’t exist physically (at leat according to the Bionicle Wiki).

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