a fairly simple build, but the moc looks fine enough, don’t know whether to make it a he, she or an it.


hmm the best picture ever

the moc looks cool, you should maybe consider stop using the effects so much, it’s ok with these pictures, but in other of your pics I cant tell what’s going on

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There are 36 genders.

Seriously, the moc is ok, but you should stop using these effects.

I will these photo’s were taken pretty early. that’s why you keep seeing them with awful quality editing

Just a question. Can the moc actually stand on its own?

Pretty cool, I like the design of the head and legs.

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Those are a lot of tires

No, it’s just against a wall.

This is nice. I like the head.

Good god. What are we, mushrooms?

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I thought it was 47. Eh; gender aside looks good.