Strength of Protodermis vs. Real World/Sepherus Magnan Materials?

How strong is protodermis compared to materials we would realistically come across on Sepherus Magna or in the real world? For instance, how does normal metallic protodermis compare to stuff like iron and steel? What would protosteel be closest to in terms of strength?

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Huh, good question, never thought about this before. Where would crystalline protodermis fit on this?

My two cents: my understanding is that protodermis can take on the properties of nearly any other form of matter, so the answer is that it depends on the form of protodermis. Metallic protodermis would be the same strength as real iron, I guess… as long as metallic protodermis is the equivalent for iron (are there even different forms of metallic protodermis?). On the other hand, there are lots of times when the books, website, etc. compare things to the hardness of generic “protodermis,” as in “strong enough to crack solid protodermis.” Well, okay… what kind of solid protodermis? It’s always been a bit unclear to me.

I don’t recall anyone ever asking whether crystalline Toa seal protodermis is stronger than protosteel. I would assume crystalline. There’s also the psychic backlash associated with trying to break it to consider.

This made me think of another random question: the crystalline protodermis that the Shadowed One’s staff creates isn’t the same thing as Toa seal protodermis, is it? Again, I would assume not.