Stressful Situations

You know, we’ve all had one moment when our heads are filled with anger and (well stress duh). When we just feel the need to punch something or throw stuff around (even though this will come out as an issue later) so here is the thing! What is the most stressing moment you’ve ever been? Or in case that you’re like me situations.

So here goes one of the many situations!

Today I had to take a flight for a competition (whatevs) so after I arrive at the state I had to go to my hotel, but the hotel didn’t allow peeps in until 3:00PM.
This and that the weather was absolutely freezing made me annoyed, BUT there’s more!

So later on it’s time for the event were we have to introduce the schools and all before the actual competition tomorrow. So, I put on my dress, go out to the ban that was supposed to take me to the event, and it’s gone, not a big deal, as this came back numerous times. So now at the event, turns out I arrive late, and I have to sneek into other grouos of students from “enemy” schools to start looking for mine and oh crap oh crap I can’t find it. Eventually I found the place but it was hard! BUT, THERE IS MORE.

So after all this I start feeling sick, and worse thing is that the introduction was HOURS long and we couldn’t move, I wanted to puke I wanted to pee, I wanted to leave. Then after that, to appeal the younger audience a “human puppet” was used to entertain, but this only made me want to hang myself as it was annoying as crap. Then, after everything is over, the event is over I’m finally like yesh! Gonna go sleep nau! So we get in the ban with a bunch of other students and moms and dads, (btw still feeling sick as crap) and one lady says like “AYYY MR BAN DRIVER WE SHOULD GO LIKE EAT TACOS OMAIGA”
And then every other mom, kid and dad is like yes! Yes! TACO!
And I’m like…“BRUH”
And the driver agreed and everyone ate tacos and I was already feeling like crap and then and then (you still reading this?) finally went home, got on my bed, started writing, and realized I only have four hours til the competition…



Well, that’s quite stressful. Good thing nothing stressful has happened to me recently, past years however, :rage:

Well that’s just horrible but at least you only have to deal with that a little longer.

The most stressing thing I have to deal with as a business owner. Is when I have to deal with billings errors for the stuff we buy and having to deal with rude customers. Who are really dumb and I mean really dumb, like you don’t understand how dumb they can be.

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my entire life is stressful

largely because i make it so


I always stress out when dealing with laggy servers and rocket jumping in TF2, I could smash my computer to tiny shreds…

I need a life…
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Ah yes. Stress.
I believe some synonyms include, All AP classes, Junior Year, Social Life and College Applications.

In all seriousness, my county just cancelled all exams (I’m laughing at all of you) so that helps a little bit, but my oh my someone needs to calm down in the grading department. Balancing grades and my… oddly large (overly dramatic) social life is starting to take its toll on me. Between going out with buddies and the obscene amount of research projects I’m being handed coz the quarter’s about to end has made pretty much everything stressful.
What is sleep and how do I get it someone please help me (I’m going on my third all nighter… yikes)

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Work is my stressor.

I work as a busboy at a local restaurant, and yesterday we were packed.

I pretty much do everything besides cooking, cleaning, and being a waiter, which is a lot, so with that many people it gets stressful.

I am also constantly annoyed by customer habits and dishwashers.

So yea, I was extremely impatient and frustrated and wanted to run outside and kick the garbage bin wall.

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Dude customers are the worst but you have to put up with them to get paid I know all to well.


Let’s see-two weeks ago, I had to do my Semester Exams, which were a huge pain. Four semester exams, all due within a day of each other, and some where I had to write explanation like what causes water to boil. Oh, and the history one had EIGHTY FIVE QUESTIONS.

There was another one that resulted in a broken friendship but I don’t want to talk about it.

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With many important doctor’s appointments and visits to hospitals, I can say that I’ve had my fair share of stressful situations. However, I will not be recounting those stories as to spare you all the pain of long blocks of text.

Side note, should the topic title be changed to “Stressful Situations” so it is grammatically correct? I would do it myself, though I lost Master title quite some time ago.


I have 30 thing due tomorrow and I only have 17 now, and it’s 9:20 where I am, and 17/30 = a 56 then I ask myself why I’m typing this right now

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Whenever I begin to get stressed about something, I just stop caring.


When you’re lingering on a 72% in AP English III and you can’t finish any work without sacrificing time for another class. >.<

Whenever I talk to @Chronicler.



A lot of stressful moments come from school. Preparing for an exam, trying to wake up early after sleeping late etc. Or actually studying for a test only to see what you studied didn’t show up on it :frowning: Don’t even get me started on annoying teachers…

School is too stressful xD


Stress all the time, specially at school. Dayumn I hate stress!

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My current English teacher puts waaay too much weight on standardized tests. Waaaaaaaaaay too much.
And they’re in what, a week?

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I know how you feel.

I hate things like the SBAC. :confused:

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