Strong Jim

I was bored during my 2 day suspension and decided to add mixel eyes to Fire Lord’s helmet. I did it pretty well imo, so i has to use it somewhere. I imagined him more as a gladiator, but this is fun as well




Lower legs are meh, but I wanted to use them then was too lazy to find an alternative.

C&C welcome, and enjoy!


got to be the most majestic way of using system in a moc ive ever seen

Look at the other mixel eye mocs on the boards

why were you suspended tho?

For ignoring mafia hosting rules

Yeah, I’ve made a habit of adding mixel eyes to Bionicle mocs. It’s quite fun.

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[quote=“Omega_Tahu, post:1, topic:37392”]
[/quote] why?!

Anyways, i like it!

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Nice. The Mixel eyes certainly complement the more cartoony proportions of him. I also love the level of character you are able to achieve with those additional shoulders joints.

Very nice moc, simple but nice.
I love these mixel eye heads you’ve been doing.
Overall I’d give it about a 7/10… wait wh…

Forget everything I just said, 0/10

Hey, this guy is pretty cool. Wouldn’t wanna run into him in a dark alleywa

You’re dead to me.


Everything blends together really well, and the mixed eyes are fun to see.

Nice. Seems like it could be pre-crazy Fire Lord.

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