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I decided to try my hand at this contest and learn how to use However, moving on with custom piece uploading has become a hassle- that I will ask kindly if someone can help try to figure out this issue.

I have gone through the official tutorials, and the files I’ve produced in the process would imply that I properly loaded the piece through Part Designer. However, when I try to select the piece it remains as a blank loading symbol.
Studio Import Issue
I have been waiting for over 2 hours now in case it was just my computer being slow, but it doesn’t look like that is the case here. I’ve also noticed that this issue occurs with the official 9x9 circular saw with axel hole part as well.

If anyone knows how this could be fixed, I would be ever grateful. Thank you in advance.

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I haven’t had much look with uploading custom pieces either. I highly recommend downloading the biopack – it has tons of custom and official masks, and I haven’t had any problems with it.

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I downloaded the Biopack without issue, I would just really prefer if I could use custom masks because, well, they’re just really nice and deserve to be brought into canon. We really do have some great modelers within our community here, and I would like to honor their efforts in how best I can do.

I see…
Which masks specifically do you want to use?

Not as a comprehensive list, I first tested it out with the Mask of Fusion by Galva.

How did you add the part to from the Part Designer?

I’ve been able to do it no problem by using Export To; no need to save the part.

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That’s what I did. It built the part, connection, and collision files: it just won’t show up when I try to select it from the custom parts catalog.

Was it a fie for a 3d print? If yes it has to many polygons and you would need a 3d modeling software to delete/fuse some. If it was with the Galvapack its just a bug and you would need to reinstall it.

I ahd that too, just get some update when one comes out or well delete and reinstall. It will somehow help

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Thank you for your responses. I figured out how to make it work, just needed to reduce the polygon count on the models.

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